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Thursday, March 26, 2020

A C Virus Variety Pack of STUFF

  Yes it has been a while but I have been busy and lazy.  However at this point in March 2020 a certain illness is going around forcing most of us to stay home, generally without pay in order to slow the spread of this virus illness thing so that more people can survive it.

  Thus I find some time to share a number of things from the last 6-12 months I have meant to post about but haven't.  So let's get on with it!

(As always click for larger images.)

We start with a well over a year old game of Tyranid Attack.  Have I mentioned this game in more than passing?  I dunno.  Too bad though I am doing it again if I have.

 Its another one of those dungeon crawling sorts of boardgames, in this case an early 90s Games Workshop one.  Some of the parts are shared with Advanced Space Crusade but it doesn't do much other than share the basic concept of invading a Tyranid Hive Ship to BREAK STUFF.

 The geomorphic map tiles are assembled randomly based on stuff and its more or less a Marines vs Tyranids game.  One that I only had the loose parts for but none of the models.  Over the years I have more or less gotten a full replacement set of figures and generally nicer ones than those early plastics.

 The random card draw bits can make for a more dice heavy game but it does mean a less experienced player can pull an upset or not just get permanently curbstomped.  However the randomness can also just make things WORSE too. 

My opponent playing the Marines managed to pull a win out although it was REALLY close and tense.  Its a fun game!  And with the odd old White Dwarf issue and the extra rules in the back of the book it has a little bit of expandability in it.

 However I do not think Marmalade the Psycho Kitty is part of the game even if she thinks she is.  

 Last Summer I also had a major terrain find on Target clearance.

 This lovely modular sci fi scenery.

 It was built to work with these little Hex Bug vibrating things but for me its TERRAIN TERRAIN TERRAIN.  Modular plastic terrain.  

 How much did I buy?  Lots.  

 I have a huge storage tub now filled with this stuff plus a few extra expansion bits Five Below had the previous Christmas season.  I couldn't pass that sort of deal up!

 And I even got in a few sessions of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress over the Summer as well.  Not my copy that is still not completely assembled, but another fellow's.  One who did a fantastic job on painting up all his models.  Like A+.

 Its a decent enough fun game.  I would say Core Space does the Sci Fi RPG Boardgame thing better and with more flexibility.  While the game says Warhammer Quest it is NOTHING like the old 90s title sadly.  Not as flexible either.  Because they want to sell you expansions.  Very expensive ones.  But hot damn if the models aren't excellent.  

 And a Core Space expansion to finish up this Social Distancing thing.  Or not.  Will it ever end?  Will I look back at this time and laugh?  Will anyone?  

 Mmm... more yummy terrain.  Cardboard yes but more terrain.

 And new robo critters to fight!

 Not a ton but more critters is more critters!

 All the terrain popped out, ready to be used.  I particularly like the med table with flippable bloody top and the cool creepy green tank.  Very Prince of Darkness for anyone who remembers that old Carpenter film.

 A reminder of what a Core Space game looks in action.

 And speaking of minis stuff gotten cheap that I haven't done anything with, Starship Troopers!

 I have quite a bit of it, all shamefully unassembled.  Although Something Awful goons in Wisconsin totally want to play it.

 With the flexibility and expansion DIY options in Core Space all these bugs might have use!

 Its visually based on the 90s movie and the CGI Roughnecks TV show.  So sadly no kickin rad armor designs from the 80s anime.  Which apparently sucks in every other way but those godly MI suits.

 It even comes with lots of light cardboard terrain and templates plus whatever the ships do.  I got this in like 06-07 and I still haven't read the bloody rulebook.

    But one never knows what one can do with extra goodies bought when money was spent less wisely and time was in generally higher supply.  (And more options to actually play games with people willing to play them...)   

  Part of the fun in minis gaming is seeing what you can come up with.  At least for me.  For others it is more a tournament thing which is totally not my bag.  But that's cool.  We all gotta follow our own path!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Battle Systems UK Frontier Core Set Terrain Kit and Core Space Overview Unboxing Thingie

  Yes I figured I might as well get one more post out before the year ends.  And whining about my insane lack of actual gaming doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to post now if maybe ever even though I super want to.  (I have grudges, heartaches, sorrows, and regrets including my own screw ups.  SO.  MANY.)

  But let's get on with the show so I can like spend the rest of my non working and sleeping 2019 playing Dark Souls Remastered and maybe complete it before 2020 starts.  (I probably won't as I am towards the end of the game but have the content that was originally DLC to go through before the last two main bits and its tough.)

(Click for bigger if you want.)
One thing I strongly recommend for these sets is some magic markers, paint pens, or maybe even some brush work.  It really does add a lot to the pieces for a couple bucks.  I have grabbed a few extra even thinner point markers as to cut down on the spillover that sometimes hit the printed bits.

 The upper right corner is a door airlock just popped out.  The  other two show what just a quick run through with a metallic paint marker does.  

 Again upper right is just popped out, the three bottom ones show a variety of colors.  I think the silver works the best but maybe a bit of wash over the top for that extra something?

 The top two are popped out, the rest are done up with both silver for the metal bits, and a similar to the piece's main color for the rest.

 The two center pieces straight assembled with the outer ones done in close colors with even some of the interior fold sections done up in a similar marker color.  Not perfect but it helps a bunch!  

 And a little close up example of doing a quick marker run in the interior visible folds.  The more work you want to do the better it gets.  But is all that effort really worth it?  Yeah probably not but that is the great thing about this stuff.  The more effort you put in the better it gets but its good STOCK BUILT.  A thing the miniatures gaming community seems to despise in general whereas say the model kit building community has learned is a way to get new enthusiastic blood involved.  Start with a Snap Tite or a cheap Gundam kit that looks decent enough with just basic tools and evolve as you go.

 And right to left again.  From stairs built straight, a little yellow on the hazard railing, to trying to match the black hazard stripes over the yellow and covering all the other bits in silver.  It takes a while but hot damn it looks nice!

  Yet now we get into a pair of 110 bucks at the store box sets I got through trading off my five row long box of Magic cards only leaving me with like 7-9 play decks.  Freeing me from Magic and the fact my collection of mostly Dark through Homelands cards plus a bit of Kamigawa and Ravnica block cannot really be used in most active play formats these days!

(I got 275 bucks in store credit which is possibly close to how much money I spent on Magic over the years anyhow.  I maybe bought a single booster box, a few starters or fat packs, then odd booster packs.  I more or less got my money back while still having a fair number of decks to play casually.)

 This set is a big old hefty box!

 Does this stuff not look rad or what?

 Comes with this nice thick play mat made of mouse pad type material.

 It has gobs of those plastic connector bits.  I used some of the store credit to grab another little pack for my existing stuff.  And just to have options.

 A lot of this yall saw before in my previous review post and some of it is in the next thing I got so for now we just know what you get in the big box giving you effectively a complete sci fi battlefield in a single go with plenty of flexibility.

 This was the same cost as the terrain box above but is an actual game.  I say it is Pirates of Dark Water meets Firefly (Or superior pirate/cowboy in space series.).  The game is a bit like Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress only with more RPG elements and more flexibility.  However you get way fewer models in the set but way better terrain and game rules.

 The mat here is pretty much exactly like the one above.  Slightly different color and maybe an 8th inch larger or smaller.  

 It comes nicely packed with STUFF.

 Not only are the minis preassembled but they have their own box and space on the side for more crews or counters.  Because of course there are expansions.

 A close up of the models conveniently color coded into Ship Crews, Purge, and Civilians. 

 The terrain.

 The shinier dry erase capable sheets.

 The other components including dice, range ruler, and so on.  The cardboard divider is even set up in a way to let the ruler rest on top flat.

 Some of the character sheets in their trays with a few equipment items on them.  You can use a dry erase marker and some of the colored pegs to keep track of your dudes as they do stuff.  

 Some of the new terrain parts are more or less designed to clip into wall segments and are not free standing.  This is a tad annoying but it looks really nice.

 Most of the non wall terrain elements.  As always I recommend some white glue to keep them together.  But it does mean they cannot ever come back apart.

 All of the walls or bulkheads if you like.  Unlike the stand alone non Core Space releases there are no ceiling or floor tiles.  You have the mat to put them on for the floors and at least in the rulebook that comes with the game there are no rules for multiple levels anyhow.

And it all fits excellently in the box with room to grow as I mentioned!  While there isn't a ton of room left over there is some and more if say you leave the mat or the miniatures box out of it.  If you want to waste time with setting up terrain elements you could pack them flat and fit in more but I would prefer to save more time than space.  I already have a plastic storage tub I am using for all of this stuff.

  Probably in 2020 early I will cover the rulebook it comes with, the expanded hardback rulebook, and at least one of the expansion sets.  As it is I have a hell of a lot of terrain even if the game wasn't any good which in the one play I got to do I think it is.  (I liked it.)

Doesn't this look rad?  Its solo, co op, or competitive and can be modified to be the sci fi minis RPG boardgame most of us always wanted but never had.  (Or could find people to play with.)


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