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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Image Dump

Mostly because Facebook SUUUUUUCKS at image hosting.  They degrade the image, make it sometimes challenging to link to said image, and then as older posts on my blog show, move the image location making my blog look shoddier than it usually is.

Also a couple of these images might be previews of future projects.

 I continue to buy more old retro computer games I don't have time for.  Why?  Because I get em cheap.  And then in the case of one game waste printer ink printing out the manual from an online source.  Because who doesn't need proper information to play an Air Traffic Controller game?

 Well technically this image here is both a preview of a stupid post I may do soon about the evolution of Golf computer games in a single franchise.  And how unlike many modern games content I bought in a 1990 title was still valid to be used in the 2003 edition.    As my blog shows I do collect some HOBBY GAMES GONE ELECTRONIC and thus Dragon Dice was a good buy.  That I wasn't honestly aware existed.  And my Atari 8 bit collection all but required that book.  

 What is the best way to get into model kit building?  With 8 dollar Petit Bearguys!  Cute, quick to build, charming, and a solid way to cheaply try out new techniques on as you aren't out a lot of time or money if you screw up.  A good first kit for kids too.  Make and modify them to your heart's content.  I have one more of my slowly growing army of the little blighters I may use as a blog project.  I have a "proper" Gundam kit to finish panel inking first though.

IN 2017 CRT LIGHT GUN VIDEOGAMES WERE RETURNING.  I had a good friend help me move a 27 1/4 inch console TV set up a flight of stairs.  Some cleaning and moving things around (that isn't done yet), and a 15 dollar dongle from Amazon.com, and now both my Sega Saturn and my Playstation 2 are back on their old stomping grounds but now in S Video!  Something I wasn't even aware this set had until I had help moving it around 2007.  It still works lovely.  I gave the screen a good cleaning and now all I need is to adjust the location and angle and get a bean bag chair or the like and get my SHOOTY BANG BANG on.  I could also probably hook up the Dreamcast (well my second machine.  I have 2 because of the infamous RESET issues they have.  Both work now.), and the 8 bit consoles for more Light Gun fun.  But right now I want to keep things a bit nicer looking and the Saturn in the space below and the PS2 up top is the best solution for the moment.  Plus more cleaning and organizing needs doing before I make any final decisions.


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