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Monday, November 24, 2008

Oath Update!

Today, merely one day after the official start of the December oath cycle, and my sorry paint hating ass already has my 2 tanks 60% complete!


Still to do: Either black with silver drybrush (or silver with black wash) the wheels and treads, same to the Demolisher Cannon on the Vindie, the the barrels on the Razorback's Lascannon, the whole of the Storm Bolter, the bottom of the Dozer Blade, and the smokestacks.

Should I finish this next week and complete my oath well ahead of schedule I shall add in a brown wash to the treads and wheels, possibly to the Dozer Blade, and maybe experiment with some black wash here and there to make the model stick out a little more. Plus a second coat of Foundation Blue where the blue is, to cover the tiny missed spots.

If I reach that level I will then ask for assistance to do some weathering and mud effects.

Yeah, it isn't half the paint awesomeness many people in this thread can do, but it works for me. But the oath is getting me to paint something at least. And it even caused me to add some yellow wash to my 2nd edition Space Hulk Terminators' chest eagles, and a black wash to their knee pad symbols. (I may add some black wash to the shoulder Crux thingie too. I'm mulling it over right now.)

So what did I accomplish in 5 hours or so of painting? Mostly freehanded Foundation Mordian Blue all over the place as seen. Yellow wash on the headlights, targeting thingies, and eagle symbols. Brown wash on the skulls. (Its my easy way to do bone. Its not as good as anything a real painter can do, but its the closest thing I can come to having for acceptable boney ness.) Some black wash in the fans and vents and my tanks are good to go.

I don't have the really smooth and straight lines I want to paint, but its not too awful overall. The problem with painting over white is its REALLY easy to see mistakes. But it is the colors of the pre Heresy World Eaters so it is how it must be done.

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