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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Old Castles & Crusades House Rules

I made these waay back in the day for an aborted game. They were partially designed to appease no class D20 players used to munckining their way to victory as opposed to clever thinking or roleplaying. A discussion on one of the IRC channels I am in lead me to want to recover them from the pits of my Yahoo group nobody uses (Unless saying "I'm playing or not playing this week can be considered using it!) and put them up here!

Updated in March 2009.
Ok. Castles & Crusades is still basically Classic D&D with mostly just the archetype character classes and less of D20 D&D's variety of customizations.

On one hand, this makes for nice easy play. On the other hand, it means you have a little less difference in characters. So these little rules are here to give yall a little extra twist.

Starting Options: Players begin at level 3 with maximum possible HP for their level and 500 GP for equipment.

At level 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 PCs gain 1 point which can be used for a variety of different things.

At the moment, the points may be used for the following with more detail aftwerwards:

1: 1 point added to any stat.
2: A feat from D20 D&D that your character has the prerequisites for, and the GM approves.
3: An apprentice/relative who inherits your PC's gear on his untimely demise and who may be played simultaneously with your original.

Now to detail!

1: This one is simple. Add a point to any stat. This may NOT take a stat past 19.

2: The feat chosen must not replicate a specific ability a character class in C&C has. You must make all the existing prerequisites of the feat. The DM (me) reserves the right to allow or deny any feat.

4: Ok. This is the complicated one! :) At level 4 you get a level 1 character. At level 8 you get either a level 3 or 2 level 1s. At
level 12 you either get 1 level 6, 2 level 3s, or 4 level 1s. These characters may be played simultaneously with your original, or may sit around at home where they gain 10% of the XP your main character gains. These characters can be given your main's hand me down gear and what not. No, you can not have these characters have their own apprentices as well. You may switch out characters from time to time within reason as well. (Need a cleric? Leave your fighter at home and give the kid your +3 plate.) Note you cannot use your apprentices as Red Shirts or pack mules. You have to actually roleplay them and should you try to abuse them, the DM will take control over these young PCs as appropriate. Why do this? Well if your character dies and there is no way to revive her, the rest of the party gets all your stuff and your new character may take a long period of time to replace you. Apprentices get your gear and immediately come into play if with the group, and will be able to get their inheritance quickly if you fall in battle. Not to mention it allows you to shore up an understrength party and have characters safely advancing at home instead of having to start all over again from level 3. I would also like to add that in the event of a TPK (total party kill) and there are no apprentices waiting in the wings the campaign ends there and we move on to a new game, leaving players unfufilled, and the DM cranky because he spent lots of money on game materials that won't get used. Also note that should the group get too large the DM reserves the right to make the Robins to your Batman stay home.

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