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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Adamythryl Engine! Part 11: Talents

Its been far too long since I last updated my game system, so its time to correct that with the Talent section.

(Edited on 26 Feb with more Talents, and some placeholder names for other ones.)

You may be asking, what the heck are talents anyhow?

Well, to put it simply talents are non classed based abilities characters have. Most are based on the individual, either due to their general nature, physical upgrades ala cybernetics or biological upgrades, or just their genetic background ala a fantasy Dwarf or Elf. Most will provide positive AND negative modifiers to a character.

Most of these talents can be taken at any time, though many are STRONGLY recommended to be taken at first level. If your character takes the Elf talent at a higher level there better be a GOOD reason for it, though the rules do not strictly forbid it.

Talent Levels: Some talents have levels. Each level must be taken before the previous one and as above, in many cases there should be a valid reason to take the first level of a talent beyond character creation.

Attribute Modifiers: Attribute modifiers affect your character's minimum and maximum values. (Example: A -2 to an attribute will make its minimum 4 and its maximum 20, while a +2 would make its minimum 8 and its maximum 22.)

Racial Talents: (Strongly recommended to be taken at character creation ONLY. It is assumed the default for a character is to be a human.) You may only have ONE Racial Talent.

Elf: (Levels 1-2) Your character at level 1 has half Elven blood, (One parent was an Elf) and at level 2 is a full blooded Elf. At level 1, your Damage is reduced by 3, your diagonal movement no longer has any penalties to your total movement, your character's maximum lifespan is increased by 25%, and you have a +2 to any attribute checks involving hearing or sight. At level 2 your Damage is reduced by 5, your diagonal movement counts as above PLUS you have 1 extra movement per action, your character's maximum lifespan is increased by 100% (so if a human in your campaign has a 100 year life span, a Half Elf gets a 125 year lifespan, and a full Elf gets a 200 year life span), and you have a +4 to any attribute checks involving hearing or sight. You are now a poncy, snooty, pointy eared elf. And you have horrible orgies where you drink the blood of Dwarven children. No really. Its true. If all you ever play are Elves you are probably gay and should just admit it now and get it over with. Unless you live in the South, you will be happier in the long run.

Dwarf: Your height is reduced by 1'. Your movement is reduced by 1 per action. You gain +2 Damage and +2 to any attribute check involving low to no light vision. You are now a Dwarf. You like drinking and axes and have beards unless you are a female. Because who wants to see women with beards? Especially short ones who are big boned? Dwarven women have enough competition without having beards!

Orc: Your Mental and Social attributes are reduced by 1, but your Physical is increased by 1 and your Damage is increased by 3.
I am sure you know what an Orc is. Generally large, brutish, and known for solving problems by hitting it.

Goblin: Your Social attribute is reduced by 2, your height is reduced by 2'. You have +2 to any damage you cause against enemy targets when you attack from behind. You also have +3 to any hearing or sight related attribute checks. Goblins are sort of like Orcs only smaller, smarter, and meaner.

Drakoman: Your Social attribute is reduced by 4, you gain the ability to have gliding or limited winged flight (ignore most terrain based movement penalties), all L1 damage you take is reduced by one, and you gain +1 to your Physical attribute. You are a dragon man. You have wings and scales and stuff. Whoo.

Catroni: Your Movement is increased by 1, attribute checks involving vision or hearing are increased by 1, your Physical attribute is increased by 1, and your Ki is reduced by 2. Every game needs a Catperson and you are it. If all you ever want to play are Catpeople you might be a furry. Please seek help.

Meta Human: You have that special spark that has the potential to make you a hero. And thus Chad Kroeger will sing songs about you. If you find this special, your taste in music is HIGHLY dubious. Your character may take 1 of the following: 1 point to any attribute, 5 points of Damage, 5 Psionic Points, or 1 additional Movement point per action. Also, you may take powers from the Meta Human section in the Powers section.

Ogre: You are big, dumb, but generally well meaning. -1 Social, -2 Mental, +3 Physical, +4 Damage, +2' to your character's height.

Amphibious Mer: You are sort of like a Mer person, except you don't need to live in a pond or the sea. Generally this means you are half Mer, but it could be used for a lesser semiaquatic race. +2 to all vision related attribute checks, +1 Damage, +1 Physical, +2 to all swimming related attribute checks, may breathe underwater for 30 minutes before needing air, -1 Movement on land, must spend no more than 24 continuous hours on either land or water (choose either salt or freshwater) before needing 2 hours in the other element. (GM's choice on how this time is divided up.)

Aquatic Mer: You are a full on Mer. Smooth, shark-like skin and everything. +3 to all vision related attribute checks, +2 Damage, +1 Physical, +5 to all swimming related attribute checks, may breathe on land for 60 minutes before needing water, -1 Movement on land, must spend no more than 6 hours at a time on land before needing 2 hours in the water (choose salt or freshwater), Damage taken is reduced by 1 from L1 damage sources.

Grey: You are one of those curious big eyed alien dudes. +2 Mental, -1 Physical, -1' of your character's height, +3 Psionic Points.

Not Natural:

Bionics/Biomorph Talents: While selected as a Talent, these should generally be purchased in play when taken at later levels. Each talent is required before taking the next one. (Its easier than me writing out everything each time!) These also allow X number of purchasable items that become "built in" options.

Minor Bionics:

Lesser Bionics:


Greater Bionics:

Mostly Bionics:

Minor Biomorphs:

Lesser Biomorphs:


Greater Biomorphs:

Mostly Biomorphs:
Well, there is part 1 of the Talent section. This topic will be updated over the next few days and weeks. Or whenever I am inspired to add in a new one. It'll be like Christmas only every day!

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