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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Toyniverse Plot 12

For those on my blog this is a new one so I will quickly summarize what Toyniverse Plot is. Basically its my toys as sentient though normally bonkers/douchebags/bonkers douchebags all interacting and doing horrible things to one another while vaguely pretending to be whichever character the toy actually is. They are mostly aware of being toys and I am in fact a toy who is their owner yet most of them hate me while still needing me to do things for them. So they are kind of like plastic and die cast talking cats pretty much.

I've been doing these comics off and on for years now. Many times tabletop games become involved in various ways including a pile of Decepticons, Gobot Renegades, and Predacons all playing Dungeons & Dragons.

With me doing my various gaming battle report comics and the like, the Toyniverse Plot got shunted to the side for the better part of 2 years. However I had an idea for a comic series with a couple installments that is semi self contained, but does advance the original storyline plot (or lampshade hangs why I haven't been doing it anyhow) and it features gaming elements heavily.

So now even my blog gets to have the comic strips. Also, it adds in more content since I haven't been posting as many entries as I used to for various reasons.







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