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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RPGs and the Prices Thereof.

There has been a long running discussion about this topic. You see now many gaming books apparently all have to be full color hardback coffee table books. They also apparently need to cost 50-60 dollars and get replaced by a new incompatible edition every half decade or so.

To many (stupid) people this is a GOOD thing. Needless to say, RPGnetters proclaim it as such. But then again, according to them Exalted is the bestest RPG ever even though I have only heard of one actual campaign played. (Which does beat most of the games they praise over there. At least I have actually heard of people playing it and seeing the books on a shelf in the real world.)

Thus here are my (Now no longer) foul mouthed angry comments both to those people who agree with the RPG sales and pricing schemes, and to the industry (HA!) so they may know my thoughts, straight from my angry heart filled with disappointment and rage over the stupidity of the world.

If thinking RPGs cost too much and not buying the ones I think aren't a reasonable price for a book makes me a bad person?

Well I shall wear that title with pride.

Can we not as gamers, but as people in general stop being (or acting like thanks to credit cards) knuckleheads with more money than sense? I was raised with the concept of "value of a dollar", yet it seems many people in fact were not.

This means I like to get my money's worth. And 60 bucks for a game book that I probably won't ever get to play anyhow because OMG it apparently needs to be full color and hardback instead of being an easily read gaming manual is not a good deal, especially when RPGnet boneheads and their ilk now think we should have to replace everything with a new edition every 3-6 years.

Please to be stopping these incredibly DUMB actions. Use the games we already own. Don't happily buy every new edition they come out with. Ignore the "Me too!" products. Take advantage of what you already have. Heck, come up with some homebrews and houserules on your own as it really is a big part of the fun of the game.

Thank you.

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