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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review Corner: Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought by Games Workshop

Well the times, they are a changing. As is the purpose of my blog. While I will talk more about this in December, stuff like what y'all get today is part of the new intent. More reviews and information you can use. While some will not care about all the details I get into in my typically wordy style, I want to cover all the bases and give you, my reader, the most information possible.

So let's get this comic review started. (Note: A small minority whine they can't read my text. Either use an image zooming feature nearly every OS has now, or get your eyes checked. I can even read it on an iPod Touch with minimal zooming. I know people have read them on 12" mid 90s monitors. I've read them on 2 different sized iMac widescreens.)





A minor bit I missed in the review was scaling the model against a normal object like a CD or DVD case. Our little plastic bundle of overpriced joy stands about 2 1/2 inches tall and is about 3 inches wide. Its smaller than a 10 dollar Transformer at Wal Mart. And it doesn't even turn into a truck.

Edit: CURSES! I reread the damned comic twice to pick up grammatical errors and to do some text and box reformats. And I still missed a misspelled word. Its articulation, not whatever the hell word I apparently came up with. Sigh. Its like every comic I do is doomed to have at least 1 wrong word someplace.

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