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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Red Rockets Battletech Comic "Fun"

Its not a complete fight sadly as time was short today, but its the start of a fun little Battletech fight involving 2 Level 2 custom mechs versus some of our friends in the Red Rockets!  Click on the pictures if you want a larger image.

With luck next week we can get this fight done so I can have a playtest game of Battleforce 1st edition the week after.

Hopefully the soft gradient blue is a bit more readable than the orange was.  A small minority of folks seemed to have trouble with it, so I am trying something new.

Readers let me know what you think.  My comics are a constant evolution.  I can always do better and the best way to get better at anything is PRACTICE.

Hopefully next installment will involve more action and less me explaining really simplistic nerd in jokes ...


Arquinsiel said...

I love the gay hot-pink Catapult. That model rocks.

Captain Rufus said...

Its just Citadel Wash "Baal Red" over white Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer. I need to give it a second coat but tons of stuff going on with me lately.

Plus laziness and failure to use my time effectively.


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