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Monday, October 18, 2010

[Review Corner] Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The Dungeon

Yes.  That's right.  For all of you fine folks here is a review of the first of 3 D&D Essentials Dungeon Tiles box sets.  This Dungeon Tile set is: THE DUNGEON.

This Dungeon Tile set... CAN MAKE DUNGEONS.

I was worried it would make like, a level for videogame SHMUPS or something.

(Hey, Milton Bradley made a Zaxxon boardgame back in the day!  The cover art OWNED and it was my first experience with hexagons.  I wished I still had it.)

Let's get this party started!

The all new Dracula score is for the best of the best, inspired by a Destructoid podcast who wants to spread the term around.  And as I love me some good Dracula (the 75th Anniversary Edition DVD of the Universal movie RULES outside of the useless secondary commentary track by the doofus responsible for the Mel Brooks Dracula spoof.  Guy wrote a BAD movie and he is basically repeating information that sometimes CONTRADICTS the trivia subtitle track and bashes the superior Spanish cast Dracula?  AW HELL NO.  <3 Lupita Tovar <3 and the awesome chubby Sanitarium guy.) I can get behind this rating for stuff that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Don't expect to see that rating used very often.  Or what may be its counterpart "Tea Party" which would be used for the suckiest of the suck.  (Destructoid's crazy kids came up with Dracula.  I might as well come up with its goatee wearing counterpart.)

As much as I have ragged on normal 4e on this blog, its really an Ok to Bad game, and certainly not deserving of such a bad score.  The film "Urotsudoji: Legend of the Overfiend" would be a Tea Party level movie, being not only bad, but so offensive to me on nearly every level to make me regret ever having heard of it, much less having such SAN blasting horrors inflicted on me.  On the other side, a game like D6 System Star Wars or the Chaosium version of Call of Cthulhu would be Dracula rated titles.

So its still my core 3 point scale with 2 levels for "Special" recognition.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this review and as mentioned, I may turn my example map into a full adventure, or close enough of one for you to fit it into the game of your choice!


Jay said...

This literally JUST showed up in the mail today! So excited!

Captain Rufus said...

Yeah its a pretty decent set! But considering I have 7 of the 3.x sets, 3 of the 4th ed sets, the 4e starter microset, and some of the other D&D starter boxes it wasn't exactly an OMG NEED NOW sort of thing.

But for 20 bucks? And a nice fancy box?

I was all over it.


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