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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gamma World. This game amuses me already.

I will do a better review and overview when I get around to it, but using an online character generator, it made me THIS:

Introducing: Doctor Blobby, the Blob of SCIENCE!

Blobby was a friendly Slime who liked to engage in Slime races and other bouncy related Slime activities.  His day job involved working with a Doctor West on experiments as an assistant.  You see Blobby had graduated from Slime College and was thus smarter than your average Slime and his toughness made him quite resistant to the random explosions and tentacle zombie outbreaks that were the result of most of Doctor West's experiments.

But one day Blobby when fighting back yet another angry tentacle zombie intent on doing tentacle-y things to Doctor West's rather attractive girlfriend he accidentally got stabbed with a syringe full of the strange green glowy goop that makes said zombies.

He grew from a small Slime into a large one.  (He is now about 1 meter tall in normal form, though he expands to twice that if he needs to block laser beams and such from hitting friends.) A radioactive one.  But he still does his science bits on his own now as an explorer.  You see now whenever he takes damage, parts of him fall off (don't worry he grows his slimeness back!) as delicious Slushie bits.

Doctor West was getting a little ticked that his girlfriend was playfully slapping Blobby and then licking and or sucking off the tasty frozen beverage residue created.

So Blobby left to explore the world, his mother and father giving him a Clydesdale horse "Cloppy" and a nice Transformers branded play tent he uses as the saddle.

Blobby enjoys researching SCIENCE wherever he goes, bouncing about as Slimes are wont to do, and meeting new friends.  He uses his powers of Gravity Control to do SCIENCE.  He plans on eventually turning Cloppy into a hybrid of Clydesdale and Pterosaur.

I am not sure what kind of paint WOTC staffers were huffing when they came up with the dual origin system for this game but I kind of love them for it.  With a little creativity you can make such wonderfully silly characters as the one above.

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Jay said...

Hey, that character creator is pretty cool! So far my favorite that I've generated is a hawkoid plant with a wagon (?) and duct tape. You can do anything with duct tape!

I'm really enjoying the new GW as well. I bought the new set and a bunch of the cards. Even picked up some "irradiated" die!


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