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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[Review Corner] Robotech/Mospeada Beta Fighter/Tread Toy

As gamers we all like toys, let's face facts.  If we can make excuses that they are to be used with gaming even better right?  Heck, miniatures really are toy soldiers anyhow.  They just cost ridiculous amounts.  Just like collector's toys.

Such as the one we are about to review!

And there we go!  I hope to have at least one more post before 2011 of some kind, but time is friggin tight on the holidays.  It took me a week to even do this one!  Obviously you really don't need something like this for your Robotech or other mecha games, but its kind of neat if you can find an excuse for one eh?  I mean.  ITS BIG.  But its really a semiposable, EXPENSIVE add on to a really cruddy toy whose only reported good version (which was made at the same factory as this one) is out of print and still might be bad.

But I have been a Robotech fan since the mid 80s and the Mospeada/Invid Invasion segment is my favorite part (even if the usually maligned second part has my favorite character.  Though that could be because Dana Sterling was the first girl I had a crush on.  No wonder I am so messed up!) with the post holocaust survival/rebels traveling the land fighting the evil oppressors style and theme just being way cool.

Its sort of the reason I love the Ravenloft setting in D&D so much as well.  The good guys being in lands controlled by darkness trying to save the people who have already mostly given up is just such a compelling setting.

And hey!  Its a giant booster rocket/bomber for a transforming jet fighter that also transforms.  Who doesn't like transforming robots?


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