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Monday, February 14, 2011

Here is Some Stuff.

First off, the Orc and Goblin Warhammer Fantasy army has to go.  New army book is 38 bucks!  And I played the previous edition maybe.. 3 times?  Hell, the people I got into the previous edition for never even assembled their damned armies, making it a colossal waste of time.  So feh.  Let's make me some money!

And the full army: 

And I have also been playing the quite fun RPG Mass Effect.  Here is my Shepard:

Updated with more stuff!  Got my bad ass new PC that even with its low end Radeon 5770 card is a tiny god.  Ok maybe Name Level PC.  I can run this bad boy below at MAXIMUM settings and resolution and its smooth as silk:

Thats the scaled down picture.  Transformers War for Cybertron.  It is awesome looking.  I may not be able to find gamers but I can happily sell my gaming stuff and get things I CAN enjoy.

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