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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Potential Mekton 2 Campaign?

Some friends are trying to get some sort of active game running someplace.  I have been wanting to run a campaign SO DAMNED BAD ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY for like 2 years now.

They may actually indulge me and I can finally run a Mekton 2 game.  This is the mad idea I have for a proposal, inspired by the videogame series "Super Robot Wars" which is a strategy RPG series bringing various unconnected giant robot shows into one massive continuity and story.


In the year 2012 paranoia about the end of the Mayan calendar caused an already unstable world political system to explode, with wars breaking out all over the world.

Then what came to be known as The Second Impact happened.  A massive alien spacecraft crashed into an Oregon mountain.

Initial findings of this craft, (eventually named the SDF 1 Ark) lead to the realization mankind was not alone in the cosmos.  The technologies recovered and retrofitted brought humanity together for a time as more and more people rallied around this knowledge and questioned why this event was called the second.

Many organizations said it was time to leave Mother Earth.  Over the next 16 years massive miles long near Earth space colonies were launched, and our first deep space colony expedition was sent to what would be known as the Arus Colony.  

Our technologies advanced by leaps and bounds with advanced weapon systems creating 20 foot tall or even larger battle robots called Adamythril Knights becoming more and more common.

But why would such machines be created?

Many hardliners said it was to prepare to fight whatever had created the Ark in the first place.   Others said it was due to whatever secret impact happened before this one.  Others said it was the harbinger of God's judgement and we needed to be ready.

But in 2028 tensions began to rise as an emergency message from the Arus Colony was received.  While garbled, one phrase was clear: "We are under attack from the Drule Empire".  The NGG (Nerv Geoid Guard) sent out the Rugger Guard Expedition, onboard containing the prototype Voltron Project machine to investigate and possibly defend Arus.

This caused great political upheavals as the main military force unaffiliated with any one country or space colony was now away from home, leaving Earth barely defended.  When the Rugger Guard Expedition failed to report in as scheduled 6 months later one final smaller team was sent in the Ramrod Frontier Defender.  It also has not reported in on its 6 month schedule.

This was the final straw, causing 8 of the 12 space colonies to officially defect from Earth, calling themselves the Archduchy of Zeon, under the rule of the powerful Zabi family.  They had secretly been developing Adamythryl Knights of their own, deploying them against one of the neutral colonies, killing all of the people on board, and sending the massive colony on a suicide run, crashing it into the NGG headquarters in Switzerland, breaking what little organization and cooperation that still remained amongst the nations of Earth.

If a splinter nation in space of less than 10 million people could both build a massive army and mount such a devastating attack, what good was all the new technology and unity?

The Zabis claimed to be Divine Crusaders, and only an Earth under their control could stop the inevitable alien attack soon to occur.  They claim that only under their banner will the Earth survive.

The resultant chaos and disaster caused a number of other organizations to rise up as if this was the sign they were waiting for.  In Europe a new force was founded by Anatole Priestly, who claimed to be the first Defender of Man, forming a political bloc to both fight off the Zeon and any outside influence.  He revealed the existence of psychic powers in mankind that had been steadily rising since the First Impact and that he had been preparing for this inevitable war for centuries.  People call his ever growing army The New European Empire as most in the region fall under his sway.

He said these psychics were Newtypes, and his biogenetic warriors known as Space Marines would defend these heralds until they were ready to lead the Earth.  Some European nations opposed joining his empire, though currently only a small nation lead by the Peacecraft family is showing any capacity for holding out against his armies, the prototype Gundam Mobile Knights being their last line of defense.

In Japan the mad scientist Doctor Hell with his monstrous Angels are constantly attacking the NGG's secondary base, the arcology known as Tokyo 3 in his attempt to capture the powerful weapons being developed there.  Even the help of the Photon Power Laboratory and its prototype combat knight Mazinger Z is doing little more than holding the mad Doctor and his monstrous creations at bay.

Should he get a hold of the Evangelion and Brave Robot AI machines Earth won't have to worry about the Zeon.  He will be a bigger threat than them all.

And now in Oregon our heroes are preparing a new generation of Adamythryl Knights to defend the Earth against the Zeon, Doctor Hell, and this mysterious empire in deep space.

Will the SRX Team come together with their new experimental machines and join forces with what remains of the NGG and stop the chaos on Earth before its too late?

And what of the Ark itself?  Rumors abound that its creators did not come from the same region of space as the Drules.  Is there yet another race hostile to man out there?  And can the NGG even stay together?  Many say there are Zeon sleeper agents within helping to keep the NGG from organizing the Earth.  It is said that they have even infiltrated a secret Earth colony near Alpha Centauri, overtaking what in some shadowy corridors is known as Project Unicron.


Well, there is my proposal for a campaign.  Most of the people I know who might play aren't mecha fans like I am, but I think I have taken enough bits from enough shows to make my own unique spin on the Super Robot Wars formula, putting the players in a place where they can both shine yet still interact with some characters from various other robot cartoons.  (Super Robot Wars fans know what the SRX is, though mine will be a unique creation based on number of players and what Mekton 2's creation system allows me to come up with.  The actual SRW SRX team and mecha won't be featured.)

This isn't going into massive details but is enough of a springboard to give me a wide array of adventures for the players to inevitably screw up any plans I make as players are gloriously wont to do.  Hell I EXPECT IT out of folks.

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