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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Let's Play] Fun in Mystara! Let's play Order of the Griffon Part 12: Our Dungeons, Ourselves

Ok this dungeon is massive and I have been busy with work.  And I am going to Connecticon this weekend so I have been getting that set up.  And I have the first session of an AD&D 2nd edition game to go to Thursday.  And my birthday and a friend's birthday have happened.  And as a casino employee holidays like the 4th of July mean extra work.    My time has been short.

But... I channeled my inner dork to bring you the first part of this huge dungeon of pain.  A place so annoying you would beg for the second Transformers movie instead of enduring it since the horror ends quicker.

Let us begin.  Suffering builds character, right?

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