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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some RPG and Boardgames I played in February

This comic isn't a review of mechanics or a proper storyline thing as I sometimes do.  I would just like to show off what I have been playing recently, and will then follow it up with a few comments.

It was do that or never actually make use of all these photos.

Getting all this fun and potentially more fun in the future took a LOT of work.  It took months if not years of posting online and on bulletin boards looking for players.  It took joining mailing lists and looking for interested folks.  It also took playing at a store as opposed to a home venue.  It also helps one of my players is a social butterfly and is utterly FEARLESS at talking to and inviting people to things.  I am more passive about it.

See we used to have a huge group, but we just met at a home to play.  We shrunk and shrunk and shrunk and never recovered to the point it basically fell apart.

Now some of us continue but play at stores and join in with other groups at stores looking to play new games and meet new people and not just do closed private games or games where nobody sees one playing.

Seeing folks PLAYING is a good way to get folks to join in and buy stuff of their own.  Hell, it gives you the chance to see other games.

And gaming is supposed to be a social activity after all.  

Things like board game meetups, open in store RPG campaigns, and events like the D&D Encounters program are great for gaming and meeting new people and maybe making a few new friends.

Which leads to me getting to run an RPG campaign, and play both Space Hulk and Space Crusade.

I am all for that!

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