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Friday, June 29, 2012

[Let's Play] Party Like its 1987! Let's Experience the Atari Computer! Fort Apocalypse!

This is less of a proper review or Let's Play but it is a good 20 minutes of me showing the game in the first video and talking about mechanics, and in the second I actually complete it.

Its a hard but beatable game.  Honestly my biggest issue was getting my tape copy to load on my tape drive, but I may come back sometime and describe that particularly painful sequence of events.

There we go!  I am using the Altirra emulator as I get the best and most color accurate results on it compared to my actual 130xe on a composite monitor.

And its not a full review/overview of the game showing the box and manual and media, but here is the cover of the box alongside the 2 other programs I purchased alongside this one:

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