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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Campaign Idea From Me!

Well sadly it looks like my Pathfinder game is dead.  Not enough people wanted to play it.  I tried to drum up some interest in Battletech but at least one of my friends doesn't want to play it.   As I like running games that as many people as possible can enjoy I decided to put up a poll on our Facebook group with a multitude of choices of something I could run next:

While one of the voters thought it was for board games and not everyone voted properly if at all it did give me some ideas as did the short discussions in the thread.

I brought down my game books that I thought could do some of the stuff above.  And well, one of them is the Bubblegum Crisis RPG.  We also have one player who REALLY wants something 40K related, and another guy is big into horror stuff.  I also really like the basic concepts of Palladium's "Chaos Earth" RPG.

Watch this video for some ideas of what Bubblegum Crisis is like in handy music video form:

I am starting to get a campaign idea in my head:
It is the year 2052.  After the Great Catastrophe of the 2030s mankind is finally recovering from the floods and earthquakes caused by global warming.  In New Vancouver the VanCo Corporation has almost complete control over North America's new megalopolis.  Their mechanical adjutant robots known as "Therians" have been used in military and corporate espionage operations all over the world, mostly to fight off the various Biowarfare Combat Organisms that were created by most of the world powers before the Catastrophe.  The Canadian Mounties have had to deal with these rogue AI units who are capable of hiding in plain sight and BCO outbreaks.  They are not winning.  But self proclaimed psychic Anatole Priestly has developed his own methods of dealing with these modern day horrors.  Powered Armor worn by genetically enhanced humans, super heavy Terminator Assault Armor.  Tactical Dreadnought Suits, and "Ordo Malleus" teams who seem to be more out to deal with the threats he says are coming AFTER the current crisis.

Priestly says "Ley Lines" throughout the Earth are gaining power, much of it started during the death and suffering of the 2030s, but still building now.

He has his sights set on Vancouver, especially VanCo.  Will his Deathwatch Marine units stop these horrors?  Are they friend of foe of the Mounties?  And what of the "Malleus" teams?  Who are his "Grey Knights" and what are they fighting against that makes the current threats look like a joke?

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