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Monday, November 5, 2012

Retro Computing: Why Bother? Part 5: Resources

Well now that we know a few interesting facts that don't mean much because I just gave you a big old pile of numbers (hey just like PC video cards!), we should probably give you some links of places and people who can both inform and enlighten you.  Or sell you things you don't need.  Basically this whole thread series...

Amiga Forever The legit Amiga and C64 emulators with legit software.  Damn fine emulation packages.

Ancient DOS Games A good video series devoted to old DOS titles and how to run them in the modern age with DOSBox.

Armchair Arcade A general website/blog/youtube channel/podcast.  The three main guys behind the site have written actual books on old gaming and between them have a stupidly huge amount of computer and console hardware.  While they can be a little on the awkward side in their videos, their info is really good.

(One of them is responsible for the excellent computer RPG history book Dungeons and Desktops.  I recommend that too!)

Atari Age The premiere Atari fansite on the net.  While more console oriented than computer, their forums are a good resource for Atari computer bits.  They also have a store that sells repros and homebrews.

Atarimania A site almost more useful than Atari Age.  Ok it IS.  Information and scans and downloads of almost every bloody Atari related thing you can think of.  Magazines, games, manuals.  It will do you right.

C64.com A great site covering C64 games with downloads.  Massive site.  If they don't have it you probably don't want it.

CRPG Addict The blog about a man attempting to play for at least 6 hours every single RPG on a DOS/Windows machine in chronological order.  All of them.  Well worth a read.

Digital Antiquarian This exhaustive blog is a major historical look at the earliest days of computers and computer gaming, sometimes with old Apple II downloads so you can play the games the same way the people of that era did.  If you want history this is the history-est!

Dotemu A site similar to GoG in selling you nice classic games made to automatically run on your new machine dirt cheap.

Gog.com You wanna buy old games with no DRM cheap and already set up to play if a DOS title so no effort needed?  Well GoG has your back!

Joy to Key A good program that lets one make one's emulator have more buttons on your Genesis controller when playing those multibutton computer games.  Never again will Druid confound you with all its keyboard commands.

Lazy Game Reviews Clint may be a bit goofy looking and may have a beard approaching that of a ZZ Top tribute band, but this guy knows his retro computing stuff.  His youtube video reviews of many classic computers are probably THE best overviews of the machines I have ever seen online, and he does a fair job with his normal game reviews which are usually old DOS titles.

Old Computers A good information site on nearly every computer ever made.  This and Wikipedia were my big two sources for information.

Pix's Origin Adventures One blogger's quest to play every Origin Systems related game and every version, plus scans of nearly every review, cluebook, and anything else related to the company that Ultima and Wing Commander built.  This guy does the Lord's work.

Polaventris An excellent old school game video maker similar to Steve Benway but normally uses a capture card to get his video, and does a TON of Commodore 64 games.  He even takes requests!  I believe he is from Finland so he does have an accent if that bothers you, but he does a good job.  I have even remembered the names of C64 games I forgot thanks to his videos.  (And seen what version of a game I would want on what machine too!)

Psytronik Software Folks who make new software for modern systems, focusing on the Commodore 64.  Even have digital download versions if you would rather just emulate.

Retrogaming Roundup This is a forum and podcast (that runs for a good 6 HOURS each month!) connected to the retro auction site GameGavel.  While it is a general retro podcast these guys have a ton of info.  However they are three upper middle/lower upper class guys in their 40s so their humor might be offensive to some, and they are a bit out of touch sometimes.  One of them owns multiple cars, one of which is a Ferrari.  But if you like your retro gaming stuff a bit on the cool uncle who lets you have his porno mags side this is a great listen each month.

Retrogaming Times A fantastic newsletter like magazine that has been running since the 90s.  Covering all sorts of retro gaming news, plus excellent comparison articles about multiple games over multiple formats.  Still running though under new management last I knew.

Retrospec This is a site mostly based around PC Windows and Mac remakes of mostly UK Spectrum classic titles.  If you want to really play Manic Miner without the hassle of a Spectrum and would also like improved graphics this is a great site to check out some really great remakes.

RPG Codex This site SHOULD be a place I call home.  They are one of the biggest computer RPG sites on the net with tons of LPs and info about RPGs, and the kind I love the most, Turn Based.  Yet.. they love to be "ironic and edgy" which ruins their message with elitism, homophobia, and Hitler jokes.

Steve Benway This guy does a TON of video plays of old video and computer games.  His series on Atari 8 bit titles got me to get a machine for myself!  While he does the "sin" of mostly just filming his TV screen with a camcorder, it works.  His personality is likable, and its pretty amusing to rage on our UK friend who never really looks at instructions before playing any of these games, making it a good way of showing one's first experience with a new game.  Well in the old days before every title had a tutorial mission anyhow!

TanRu Nomad A great video reviewer of Apple II stuff, focusing on the IIgs.  He isn't prolific, but if you are interested in the machine Apple failed, he has got you covered.  Also shows some really neat obscure computer hardware that isn't even always Apple based.

The Ultima Codex The fansite/news network involving the best RPG series ever, Ultima.  If you need the info they have it.  Plus fan patches, remakes, other fansites, ect.

The Videogame Critic While mainly a console review site, the guy does have decent Commodore 64 and Atari 8 bit review sections if you want a good short review of a lot of classic games.

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