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Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Toyniverse] Some Winter Comics Fun!

Nothing game related at all.  But there is a big ol blizzard going on right now:

On my porch circa 6pm.

Down at my mailbox circa 9pm.

So I had my carefully saved "Personal" day ready for the winter wintery-ness as opposed to using it to go to a day of Templecon in Providence Rhode Island.

But what to do with my time?  


It has been a while.  And it is so much easier on me to save a lot of my work in that format.  So what better time to get practice?

Took out some toys and made some photos.  One of which I got in the mail today!  

"Hotshot" from the Starriors line.  A toyline by Tomy in the mid 80s about sapient mechanoids who became intelligent and self aware while Humanity slept as they were designed to fight mutant monsters and repair the planet after a catastrophe.  One side of course decided to be evil and oppressive and didn't want to bring Humans back with the others discovering Humans were real and searching them out while running from the bad robots.  It didn't do well but the toys were cool and the Marvel Comics miniseries is still a personal favorite.

(And I swear a more recent franchise basically stole the same concept.  I am forgetting which one at the moment but if I remember I will add it in here!)

I did some freezing in the snow and wind and cold.  I slammed my knee hard into a concrete step due to slipping on the snow.  But.. I DID IT FOR COMEDY.  (In quotation comedy.  I am not exactly a comedic genius!)

Got Comic Life 2 working and figured out on my PC instead of my old slow G5 iMac. (Which doesn't work right now.)  And as I owned the old Deluxe edition for said Mac, it was only 10 bucks, which is affordable and fair.


And the smaller less quality comic but also fun to do:

Thanks for reading and if you are in BLIZZAGEDDONCALPYSE 2013: Dark Nemo: The Darkening ?

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