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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Connecticon 2013 Wrap Up Part 3: Sunday, at Cons Not So Funday :(

And on the second to last day of the month I finish up my Connecticon 2013 report in comic format.

Some years I never finished it but this year in spite of my very busy work schedule (mostly self inflicted because as the Wu say, cash rules everything around me.  Also taxes.) it IS finished.  All three days complete.

So let's get to it, and as before if anyone in these pictures wants to contact me for original pictures, just to say hello, or to ask me to remove a picture feel free to correspond!

Also not only have I done this 3 part nearly 30 page coverage project, but I have painted up a character for a D&D campaign and already completed Shadowrun Returns on the PC.

Much to do in spite of having no life.  Go figure. :/

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Arquinsiel said...

Q-workshop came to Gaelcon waaaaaay back when they were starting up with basically a sweet-shop pick'n'mix table of dice. Like, 16'x4' of tiny compartments with custom dice.

The Ork-themed scatter dice sold out in seconds, despite being about €10 each back in the day.


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