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Monday, December 30, 2013

Retro Computing and Blogging on the iPad Air. (Ipad Air First Look)

I will probably add more in here later but here is a short example of both blogging on my Air but some game pictures:
Remember the classic Star Trek game?  Well Padd Trek is a fancy and classy version.

Akalabeth was Ultima 0.  And this version was an iPhone version and is thus a bit fuzzy in full screen on my Air.  Getting to freely redownload games from my Apple account and have them here too is nice.

Another game that did take a serious hit in Pad full screen mode.  The classic Archon!

In combat.

Some games even have dual modes or got them patched in.  Giana Sisters looks fantastic even if it's a tad buggy from time to time.  

Pinball Dreams has an HD version but I am too cheap to rebuy the same game.  Bad enough I owned it for the Amiga and own it on the Snes.  I may get the HD sequel though.

The first Commodore 64 collection program was nearly unplayable on the iPod Touch I own.  Like many games the extra screen size helps a ton.  As does games with ICade support.  More on that another time...

The fan made game Soulless for free and showing portrait mode.  When you want more correct aspect ratio and visible keys or controls.

Elite's C64 collection has iCade support as well.  And options to tweak controls and screen dimensions and positions.

Ultima 1-4 are available for free in this program.  I am so hoping for Ultima 5 and 6 here too.

The Elite front end showing a game part of their 3 game packs you can upgrade to for 2 bucks each.  Creatures 3 is a game I have always wanted to try.  

Here is where I will save this post made entirely with the iPad without any Bluetooth keyboards or anything and jump back in with the PC...

And I am back!  While obviously the pictures taken quickly without any form of in device editing (which I can do by the way..) are not ultimate or anything they come off well and Blogger's app for blogging from said iPad Air works well enough.  (I had to come into normal PC Blogspot site to resize the pictures to merely Xtra Large though.)

Typing on screen is.. ok but doesn't beat a proper keyboard.  (In my case a Logitech G710+ I got for 110ish instead of its normal 150 dollar pricetag.  A fine keyboard.)

So far I am very happy with the amount and quality of games available and the power and speed of this iPad.  
But.. I have other retro computer games that got the iPad treatment:  
Alien Breed remake!  Dual stick control options!  Extra levels!  Modern graphics options just like Pinball Dreams!

I think this is enough as a little teaser for how my silly expensive but oh so rad new toy works.

And it has hobby game features too.  

Perhaps I will talk about this gadget some more in depth later on eh?

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