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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mechwarrior Online: Hey We Have Achievements Now.

Dear Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, why won't anyone love us?

Yes, I have three more of Mechwarrior Online's biweekly patches to share.  There isn't much to share actually.  Unless you like doing things to make a thing change color and saying you have in fact done a thing.

(As always you can click images for larger ones.)
 Now this is not from MWO, but I saw this image on Something Awful I believe.  Also I believe it kind of explains the development team as well since they come from Vancouver up in Canada. 

 Well now we can get the Firestarter which is a light mech for C Bills.  Don't care.  A few bits of tweaking to the mech lab is nice though.  Laughing at the NOTE section though.  HEY GUYS DON'T PLAY THIS MULTIPLAYER GAME.. WITH OTHER PEOPLE!  Because it is just so fun playing an action game without any genuine team coordination right?

 No idea what the Starter Bundles are.  Probably a way to get a bunch of mechs for real money.  The Warning system is nice though.  It actually tells you if your build is doing things you might not like now.  A bit of a range buff to Pulse Lasers might make them a bit more useful too.  And more bugfixes.  Yay?

Hooray!  We can now know if our mechs are causing GHOST HEAT.

The patch on the 6th of March was kind of blah.    Some tweaks to Jump Jets are kind of welcome however.

 Now we have CHEEVOS so the game can pretend that doing things to have the game tell you that you did enough of a thing to be notified about is sure is content right?  Locusts are still 20 tons of INSTANTLY DEAD MECH, and LRMs are back to being popular again thanks to this patch.  A minor AMS beef to counter them seems to be virtually useless.

 Some image zoom modifications if you are unhappy with the defaults.  Killing turrets is now slightly easier and you get a little bit of a reward for doing so.  I am ok with this.  More tweaks to the UI.  They have a lot of work to go to make said UI a good User Interface.


We have yet another mech you can buy with your Real Life money.  Its an Assault class.  Yay.

In the Mech Bay there is now a massive pile of achievements you can click on to see what you have to do to get them.  They go from super fast and simple to ones that will take dozens of hours or more to complete.  Some provide you with various rewards of XP or C Bills while others I presume give you a fancy title or something.

In match if you get your Cheevo Achieved the game will both tell you in the lower left hand corner, and that big blue bar pops up in the lower center in case you are ignoring most of the amber text.

 And my rewards.  I guess it is NICE and all but most of the rewards are not exactly lighting the world on fire with their quality and value.

 Oh yeah, Alienware had a deal where you wasted time signing up for their forums and giving out your email address and all sorts of other time wasting and you got this ugly looking hanging Alienware head.  I couldn't be bothered to do it.  Just like the last two challenges.  OH NO MY ACCOUNT NOW HAS LESS FANCY CRAP ON IT.

The community is as Lemming like and autistic as always.  LRM boats are back in season, and I presume this one fine fellow was upset with me roleplaying an Ork from Warhammer 40,000.

Yeah folks.  Still nothing really worth coming back to the game for yet.  Maybe by 2015?

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