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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mechwarrior Online Spring Update: OPERATION M-O-O-N: That spells NO CONTENT!

Yeah.  Pretty much.  A good two months of mostly nothing at all.  Some new mechs but at this point who really cares?  Its just something else to grind and mostly pointless.

But let's go through the last few updates and see what it is.

 Our first patch was the first week of April.  We were in fact the April Fool.  For still supporting this thing.  A couple tweaks on turrets and LRMs isn't something exciting.  Forgettable in every way.

April 15th gave us some AC 2 and 5 changes to try to make them less powerful with SRM 2 and 4s getting a tiny boost.  Yawn.  Some bug fixes and performance tweaks too.  Honestly?  These two patches could have been in ONE update and it would still have been underwhelming and pointless!

April 30th however actually brought a big change.  The game is STILL MEANINGLESS TEAM PVP but somethings that should have been in from DAY ONE are finally in.  Mech size limits for matches.  Group matches with the same rules.

PRIVATE MATCHES.  Play special matches for Guild style events or to just have games against other groups for fun or bragging rights.  Sadly a lot of options require one to have spent actual money on the game but.. it should have been in there from the start!

Not a lot of bug fixes this time though.

And some tweaks to do if you are worried about having virtual cockpit glass in your robot.

April Fools also mocked us.  This isn't real.  It should be.  People love these silly things!

May's first of two updates were back to dumb.  A couple bug fixes and stupid things to buy for your cockpit.
Now the last patch of the month with notes (there was a minor one this week.  Not sure for WHAT however.) has immersion breaking modern flags to buy for your robot's cockpit, a couple UI tweaks, and some bug fixes.

Not shown are all the utterly pointless Hero mechs or the one or two new chassis for prime time.  New robots are NOT GAME CONTENT.

Its been a couple years now and this game still has less to actually do in it than Mechwarriors 2-4:Mercenaries did!

Clan Mechs are coming soon as a way to suck more money out of the easily amused.  The community I ran with have all left.

At this point?  This game needs to close up shop and GO AWAY.  It looks amazing to be sure.

But that is really all it is.  A good looking deathmatch mode idiots are paying 500 dollars a virtual gold robot for.

I am most likely going to be banned whenever they come out as I fully plan on shooting nothing else regardless of what team they are on.

The developers don't care about making a fun Battletech experience so why should I care about playing by the rules of conduct?

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