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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mechwarrior Online Update: Still No Content. Still.

Well yeah.  But the game has had some nice improvements in between piles of nothing.

So let's get started since we have a couple months of nothing.

 Improvement of wait time was a lie.  Like most of the time it seems to be a 2-5 minutes or so wait even on PLAY ANYTHING EVEN KILL EM ALL MODE.  Fall damage hasn't really been a thing I have noticed.

 Being able to go back to any size (almost) group games is VERY VERY NICE.  It brings back fun and casual pick up play with the Something Awful Goons.

 The out of match interface is still odd and clunky honestly.  It works but it takes time to figure it all out and never feels "right".

 Falling in my robots, these actuators they do not work?

 More money to sink into modules plus XP!

 Some Clan weapon tweaks that do little.  Clans win in general.  Its not impossible to beat them and they do tend to be run by bad players but they have an advantage.  Most of these tuneups help them.  Plus stuff with the Zoom vision modes.

 Targeting Computer into.  Plus some Command Console changes to actually make the thing use... BWAHAHA NO.  Its stupid and terrible.  3 Tons is armor, heat sinks, ammo, weapons.  This is not that useful outside of 12 man dedicated team play.  And you are still boned for not having Clan Assaults as opposed to an Atlas.  

Some bug fixes.

Well that was a big patch eh?  Let's see what a fortnight or so got us!

 More cockpit toys.  Yay.  

 The ability to rejoin a match is a very nice thing indeed!  The reduced damage for Clan LRMs in close is nice but still gives them the edge over Inner Sphere.  Without being absurd.

(Yet LRM fiends still try to avoid engaging in fights.  Because giving people less targets is GOOD I guess.  Sure LRM swarms are scary.  But 100 ton Clan mechs mounting 3 Gauss Rifles are far scarier.)

 Repair Tool being in the game client is nice.  Should save some headaches.

And some of the usual minor fixes.

Moving swiftly along...

 Now every mech can have gobs of modules.  On one hand you can actually USE THEM now.  On the other it becomes massive CBill/MC, and XP sinks for usually modest gains.

 Charts explain it kind of.

 FINALLY HALLELUJAH!  This is something I have wanted for months and months!
You do have to take the modules that reload out, then put them back in to get it working right the first time however.

 Clan modules for guns and gun accessories.

More minor tweaking of falling plus some stuff with Arm Locking and things to kind of make each Mech somewhat special.  But not really.

Not too many things dealt with.

Then the most ultimate and amazing patch came this month:

Can you handle this?

Can you handle the next patch?  I know it is a lot to take in!

 A nice bit warning one of GHOST HEAT in game client.  Because it is a confusing stupid thing that non dork people are not going to know of or understand.


 I have no idea when this popped up but now zooming has a nice smooth effect and the zoom level number counts up and down quickly as it changes.

 Another thing I didn't remember popping up!  Now you can buy half ton ammunition!  Use up that last pesky half a ton or save weight for those weapons where you don't need a whole load.

And the "content" I generally don't post about any more because it isn't content.  New mech chassis.  In this case another stupid real life money for fake robot one.  The Vindicator!  Here being killed by another of the same Hero chassis version.  Its nothing special at all really.  

And there we have it!  Nearly two months of Mechwarrior Online changes.  As usual it continues to fix things, break things, fix the things they broke because the fix was stupid, and no new content we really need to enjoy the game.

This lovely Gundam cost around 25 US though online stores could have it as low as 19.  A quality physical robot you can lovingly craft in 3-6 hours (pre painting/panel inking time) and which I may do a full review of soon.  Use money for this not virtual robots because that encourages them to not put anything interesting to do in their game.

(Because much like this blog, the game needs meaningful content.  Except I have the excuse of nobody caring and not getting paid for this.  PGI doesn't.)

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