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Thursday, September 22, 2016

SNES Collection Update

A mixture of a needed use of a sick day thanks to that iron blood testing thing they do when you give blood on a finger has lead me to have a little time to burn to do an update on my SNES collection such as it currently stands.  (The needle in the arm to remove the blood?  Eh.  The tiny quick prick to your middle finger?  OWWWWWW)

Why do these updates?  Well keeps my blog kind of active, and its good to have a photographic record of what I own both for going out and looking for new stuff and if anything bad would happen family members or insurance purposes.  A nice organized inventory helps out when it is needed the most.  Also it helps me reorganize things and clear up space as I re alphabetize and then store my useless but fun junk.  Until much like as kid me did to his closet making everything a disorganized mess again.
Click for big if you need to see them bigger.
 Oddly enough the reason I only have two of these loose SNES cart photos is because back before retro gaming and collecting got big I was snobby and mostly only wanted boxed games, or at least with manuals.  And as can sadly be seen most people never really took good care of their games.  I have seen things that would turn one's hair white.  CD/DVD based games just thrown loose on a table.  Drinks on top of electronic devices.  Games and controllers thrown about.  Horrible things.

 Zelda there came with my SNES in 1995 and can show you how I kept my stuff good.  It is clean and fancy.  Even UN Squadron I bought in early 1996 looks better than most of these carts because I take decent care of my stuff.  (I just need to dust a lot more often.)  And I have indeed actually done some light cleaning of most of these loose games.  That is how poorly people take care of their property.

 The first of my three images of my boxed games.  This sort of explains why I was also a boxed snob.  Most of my existing games in the early days of Ebay were such so why would I buy loose?  And it wasn't like there were a ton of retail stores carrying old games at that point.  SNES was in the midst of being phased out of video rental stores and the normal game shops of the time.  But I got a few choice morsels.  And thanks to a few budget reissues a couple more titles.

 Pilotwings is on top because technically it is the actual box cut up and placed into a plastic case of some kind.  It is a reasonable price.  Now if only we could get the true successor to it (Disney's STUNT ISLAND for DOS) reissued or remade.  It is everything Pilotwings wanted to be and MORE.

 The final suite of boxed games.  All three Super Star Wars games boxed.  And a sought after rarity.  And a game mostly known as a donor cartridge for reproduction and overclocking projects.

 From what I understand the Chrono Trigger cluebook is also sought after.  And while I may have gotten rid of the box my SNES came in (you can only transport so much on an airplane after all!) I still have all the paperwork in there.  Even if it isn't really needed.  The little thing at the bottom is a fancy save state/convertor cartridge.  Plug it into your SNES, plug the game in and you can save state in most spots in most SNES games.  And the design allows for Japanese Super Famicom games to be played without having to do any sort of chopping to your machine!

My controllers.  The Super Advantage because I enjoy such things as RAPID FIRE and joystick controls for my videogames, a stock pad because sometimes shoulder buttons have their use (and you know, it kinda came with the unit), and the SNES Mouse and Mouse Pad for Mario Paint, Arkanoid, Super Game Boy, and a handful of other games should I get them in the future.

Where is the SGB then?  Well I showed it in an earlier collection update covering the Game Boy but.. here it is again:

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