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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Dougram Boardgames (Part 2)

Last time I gave a basic overview of both games.  This time I shall show the sequel/advanced game in a bit more detail of components and rules:

(If I haven't said it a bazillion times in this blog, you can usually click for larger images.)
 We see here the full Kalnock map laid out.  Unlike it's Stanrey brother this one only goes together one way.  But it is quite nice looking, especially for its age.  One thing is though that the hills could also be ravines given the way the art is drawn.  Probably officially hills but.. they could easily be depressions as well.

 Finding where the trees go is a matter of finding all the green + signs.  It can be a royal pain to find the last few.  If the game wasnt so old and rare I would probably just use a gold paint marker on the hexes for trees.

 The mech Battletech fans know of as the Scorpion doesn't perfectly fit in the small hexes but the others do as do the counter chits for non mech units.  1/600 scale Pico Armor miniatures would be fine to use as well.  http://www.picoarmor.com/ has a ton of super cheap 3mm/600 scale minis that would be useful for this game.  

 (I bought a small sample pack but I have no clue where the hell they are at right now.  Here is a picture of one with some 600 scale Uncharted Seas ships and an AT 43 walker. )
Yes that tiny little silver thing there that is about an 8th of an inch long is a 1/600 scale tank.

While the seemingly excellently laid out manual isn't properly translated you can see how neat it looks and how the little line of sight periscope works!  It even has a little cockpit sticker so it looks like what the mech's pilot would see!  You also can see more elements that Battletech took like jumping.

The original reference card and the translated one.  Yes you need the original because of photocopying making the second number unreadable!  And yes another thing Battletech took from this game:  HIT LOCATIONS.  You see Battletech's creators got their design rights from the same company who imported and translated this game.  So yes, these two games are basically Battletech 0.5.

Now I am just going to show photographs of the English translated manual so we can all read it.  

Yeah they somehow took a larger manual and shrunk it to 4 pages.  Somehow I think a few things were missing in spite of them REALLY wanting to protect it.  Odd.

Yet thanks to the Internet Archive I was able to rediscover a website that first let me know of these games with most of it still intact for download.  I am saving this fine fellow's work for posterity and my own use.

Yes the original translators left a lot out.  This puts some of it back.

Now the question I pose is this:  Should I actually do a full proper playtest of these games?  Would anyone be interested in seeing the game expanded and improved upon?


the one said...

Fuck yeah! A playthrough would be ace man:) Don't go all out if you can't be arsed, but I for one would sure be keen to see how it plays.

If you decide to go ahead with it don't forget to take a shot through the periscope :)


Captain Rufus said...

I will try to do one next year early sometime! So many games, so many project, so little time! But I should do one yes.


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