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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So I am playing 8th edition Warhammer 40K today...

So for laughs using an online army builder since I don't have the full rules yet I decided to see how big of a LEGAL army I could make out of my 2nd tier army (as Chaos Space Marines are my first love.  Tyranids are third.) following the Detachment Points list construction rules.

This is what I was capable of creating legally!


  Things not in use STILL include another Falcon, 2 more Warlocks, 2 Storm Guardians with Fusion Guns, a Storm Guardian with a Power Fist, a Storm Guardian with 2 Pistols, Karandras, Everyone's Least Favorite Farseer Eldrad U., another War Walker, and a D Cannon Team. (I have 2 Superheavy Tanks which were once known as Tempests as well but they are Forge World now.  They became known as the Scorpion.  At least in the Imperial Armor II softback.) So this is my legally built megaforce I won't ever use as one force. But I have it.

  Much like Twilight Sparkle making her friendship reports to Princess Celestia I shall attempt to play and record my 1000 point Patrol scale match and make a photo comic battle report to share with everyone as yall get to read about what I will learn and see.  (And inevitably get groinpunched by the dice because dice don't like me.)

Will 8th ed be better than 6 and 7?  It doesn't seem too hard to beat out those two trainwrecks.

(PS:  This image list was made using a web based army builder.  My printed out lists are done using Battlescribe which is ok overall even if the Android app version formats odd ass PDFs.  The mostly easier to use Windows version has easier for computer people use and the text isn't buggered but you have to pay attention to page layouts.  That can be double sided.)

UPDATE:  We had our game and we had a good time, albeit with a few questions unanswered that may be due to just missing bits in the rulebook or presumptions on our part.

 We did a points match game with 5 Battle Rounds (aka each player getting one full turn per round) and it required us to hold objectives or just wipe out the other side.  It ended up a semi draw though I was on the verge of winning.  We forgot to use Command Points though we played using the normal point construction rules for a built force.  Battle Forged armies as they were.  See you pick a detachment (in our case a small one called PATROL) or multiples and build your force to those restrictions.  So its a mix of 3-7th ed standard 40K builds and AT-43 really.

 Shooting and Close Combat and Psyker abilities all are pretty smooth and fast.  We may have made some mistakes with vehicles and shooting heavy weapons however.  Again, some things may have been us presuming bits.  The core rulebook and the quick start "Battle Primer" did just come out Saturday and us older folks (I am 43 now.  FML!) don't always exactly have all the free time in the world...

 Vehicles now mostly work by the same rules as everything else, having wounds.  And unlike some things their abilities degrade as they take wounds until in this transport's case it explodes!  Then simply roll D6s for each carried model.  On a 1 they bite it.  (You have to disembark before the vehicle moves in a different turn than when you got into it.  Just put the minis with 3", then they can all move as they wish. Also we are back to a Move value in inches per each unit.  Some models can Advance with xd6 extra inches but outside of say, Eldar with Battle Focus you cannot shoot or Assault into close combat which is now streamlined.)

In these poor Chaos Marine's case they lost a dude when the Rhino blew up.  They took some more shots and had to take a Morale Test which involves subtracting casualties taken in the turn from the Leadership score and rolling 2d6.  Roll above this number and lose a model for each point you failed by.  

The whole game took us about 2 hours.  Had we been more savvy with the rules and our armies it could have been 60-90 minutes probably!

Some other cool bits as a quick overview: 

Ranges are now extended on a lot of weapons.  

ARMOR SAVE MODIFIERS ARE BACK HAIL PRINCESS CELESTIA AND OLD DIRTY BASTARD.  However you get one save per wounding hit.  Some weapons cause multiple wounds, though a Mortal Wound ignores most saves unless otherwise allowed and multiwound Mortal Wounds will carry on to other models in a unit where normal Wounds do NOT.

Initiative is gone.  In Close Combat units charging basically get to strike first.  (Charging is if you are within 12", roll 2d6 for distance to target, get within an inch of the enemy.)  Then you kind of switch back and forth between units engaged.

Psyker powers have a target to beat.  Roll 2d6 meet or beat the target.  Boxcars and Snake Eyes have bad times.  Psykers within a certain distance have a chance to "Deny the Witch" to stop it.  

Units with multiple weapons can target different units as opposed to all going at the same thing.  You have to declare before shots from the unit firing happen though!

Cover provides a bonus to your armor save.  Normally a flat +1 bonus.

Anything can basically wound anything now as you check the Strength of the weapon versus the Toughness of the target.  Equal is 4+, Higher and lower but not double is 3+ or 5+, 2+ or 6+ is double the other way.

Lots of weapons or units have special modifiers to dice rolls or effects that happen when the UNMODIFIED ROLL is a 1 or a 6 usually.

Characters provide special effects to friendly units of a certain keyword within X inches.

Old Codexes are invalid now and currently full color "Get you by" list books are available for 25 MSRP but are selling like waifu pillows at an anime con.  The books have around 4 armies per volume but there are 5 books.  Sadly the only one I have procured was Index Xenos 2 which contains Orks, Tau, Tyranids, and Genestealer Cults.  No real fluff but pretty much contains all non Imperial Armor Forgeworld stuff.  However there are scans of people holding pages open and the most updated version of Battlescribe has most of the rules when you mouse over or print out army lists.

(If you want a web based list builder that doesn't write out all the rules https://webapplications-webroster.rhcloud.com/rc/web/#!/rosterCreator will get you by.  Also prints out nice pictures of all your models.  I tend to use a mix of Battlescribe and this right now.)

Here is a simple and quick image output of it using the Genestealer Cult list since I have plenty of IG/Cult proxies or equivalents so I don't have to buy the Imperial Index book that contains Impie Guard (or the new stupid names most things are getting because GW is very salty about a court case they got OWNED HARD on a few years back..) if I don't want to which I don't.  

They do intend to release full proper army codexes in the future and put rules in all new releases or reprints but I have enough stuff to cover myself now although with some of the changes I may need a few models or boxes to properly kit things out.

So right now I give a tentative seal of approval to 8th edition Warhammer 40K!   Games Workshop seem to have learned a few things from their mistakes over the years.  Will they continue to improve and keep things balanced and fun?

Time will tell!

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