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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

[Operation Game Collection] Retrogames Collection Update 2018: Pre and Post Crash Computers n Smaller Systems Stuff?

Yes!  Smaller Systems!  These are machines that didn't make a big splash, I don't have much of, or only have the games because they are in one of my "Theme Collections" like Batman, Alien v Predator franchise, ect.  Or just titles I found super cheap.  See unlike many people I am totally cool with emulation but vastly prefer to own legitimate copies of my games.

Click for big if it gets your bytes megaed.
 Starting with the TI 99 computer here.  Not a whole lot honestly.  Its a system I might get some day if I can get it cheap enough.

The 3-5 Hunt:

Demon Attack (One of the best looking versions of this venerable classic.)
Car Wars (Because of the name even though it isn't the tabletop title.  Though Steve Jackson Games did some deal with TI to use the name.)
Microsurgeon (The definitive version of this classic probably.)

 A 2600 game I forgot about, and some Atari ST, Lynx, and Jaguar.  Given that the ST shares many games with both the Amiga, DOS PCs, Atari 800, and Commodore 64 I won't bother putting it in the Hunt.  And honestly the Jaguar is almost the same but its mostly just PC or Amiga titles since outside of Atari Karts nearly every other game worth a damn was a port anyhow outside of the Iron Soldier series and some of the modern homebrew stuff that require the infamous CDROM drive or are absurdly priced cartridges.  And even the Lynx is mostly ports of arcade games and a handful of exclusives.  So yeah.  No real hunt for most of Atari's Tramiel era machines.  

 The Commodore 64, aka THE MACHINE OF MY YOUTH.  A great platform.

The 3-5 Hunt:

Deathlord (A balls hard Ultima clone that goes for way too much nowadays.)
Transformers Battle to Save the Earth  (A not too good US released Transformers game because my dumb ass collects Transformers games.)
Wrath of Denethenor  (Another overpriced Ultima clone.)

 A system I have a fair collection for but still don't have the machine yet, the Tandy Color Computer family!

The 3-5 Hunt:

Downland  (A nifty Coco 1-2 only game in the old school platform explorer style.)
Gates of Delirium (An Ultima 3 clone.)
Poltergeist (Its based on that old horror classic.  Seriously.  I never knew such madness existed!)

My meager Amiga collection and my one and only MSX title.  Many Amiga drives and disks are varying levels of dead or dying.  And the MSX is an absurdly expensive system to collect for to the point NOBODY SHOULD BOTHER.

The 3-5 Hunt (Amiga)

Apidya (Its a pretty great SHMUP where you are a bug.)
Black Crypt (A US made Dungeon Master styled RPG.)
Agony (Its a SHMUP.  You are an owl.)
Shadow of the Beast III (The final game in the series and exclusive to the Amiga.)

MSX Hunt if Money Falls from the Sky

The Goonies (A really fun exploration platformer.)
Thexder II Firehawk  (The best version of this game.)
Aliens (A unique to this platform Alien game.  Its also kind of suck.)

  All these poor systems I don't have systems or a fully working system in the Amiga's case yet plenty of games I can TOTALLY PLAY IN AN EMULATOR ITS OK RIGHT?

  Otherwise I would have to delete the emulator image file within 24 hours!  :v

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