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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Red Blok Guard Army, or a Descent Into Loserdom

As if I could go any deeper, right?

This is probably the most retarded and possibly spergy army list ever made, but since I want to use my AT 43 Red Blok in 40K too (get more use of some nice models), and many 40K players are idiots who foolishly believe that little bit in GW books about only using actual GW minis (hell, apparently one of the dudes from Bell of Lost Souls with an RT era Guard force ended up retiring the army because of too many stupid complaints!), I figured a nice list done up in pictures should answer all questions any idiot may have about who is what.

Given that every model is pretty much WYSIWYG (outside of some camo netting I need to get a hold of anyhow) it shouldn't be hard, but you never know. So here is a list filled with fluff vaguely shoehorning the Red Blok into a Guard regiment.

Don't cry for me, I am already gone. (There are a couple spelling errors I have fixed but was too lazy to re upload for a couple bits. I'll probably be tweaking the list as I see how the army works. And of course, when I get more Leman Russ Demolishers.)

Guard Army List 1

Guard Army List 2

Guard Army 3

Guard Army 4

Guard Army 5

Guard Army 6

I eagerly await taking this army to play at Sarge's this Wednesday. Who would have thought, an Imperial Guard army that doesn't just sit in a gunline and shoot. Its an assault army based around deep strikers and scouts with a little tank support.

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