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Friday, May 1, 2009

Wii Virtual Console: A list of games you want!

One of my friends in my game group and I had a discussion about the Wii Virtual Console and its available games. He basically said there wasn't much available.

While I sort of understand where he is coming from, he is very wrong. My knowledge of games and what sorts of titles I always wanted to play but never got to says otherwise.

There are in fact a TON of worthwhile and interesting games for purchase and I shall list them, plus comments. Note some of these titles can be purchased in VASTLY cheaper disk based collections for various game systems.

I am not listing every game I bought, and some I don't own at all. But they are ones that either should be good, seem VERY interesting, or are widely acclaimed as classics. I am also listing titles I have some interest in and enjoyment from so some titles that most would mention (like Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario 2, ect) won't be listed.

So consider this MY recommendation of stuff to look in to!

Dr Mario Online RX: Its Dr Mario with more game modes and online play. What more do you need?

Mega Man 9: its an all new Mega Man done up like the old NES Mega Man titles. Im not a huge Mega Man fan, especially of ones that proclaim how old school hard (aka ABUSIVE) they are. But if you love the Mega Man, why the heck not?

NES Games:
Legend of Zelda: If I need to explain this one to anybody something is horribly wrong.

Donkey Kong Jr: Its a classic of the early 80s arcade, and I am pretty sure its complete unlike the original. Great arcade game.

Super Mario Bros: Again, see Zelda. Its an absolute CLASSIC.

Gradius: Old school side scrolling power up dependent shoot em up (SHMUP). Its hard, its good.

Kirby's Adventure: Awesome late NES era platformer starring Kirby. Its a good damned game!

Excitebike: Great 8 bit racing game. Even lets you make your own levels. Which sort of save thanks to the way Virtual Console saves games if you exit them back to the main screen. Fun!

Punch Out: Again, a classic anyone who claims to like the NES has heard of. Its hard, its somewhat racist, its also very fun to play.

Galaga: THE UBER SHMUP. Its an absolute classic and if you don't like Galaga you probably don't like SHMUPS at all.

Castlevania: One of the best games on the NES period. Grade A platformer. Awesome graphics, awesome music, tight gameplay.

Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link: Not as good as Zelda 1, but its still a great action adventure game.

Super C: Its the sequel to one of the NES' best games, Contra. Which makes it totally worth playing.

Super Mario Brothers 3: Considered by many to be the best NES game, and one of the greatest games of all time. I disagree on both counts, but its still a really good game.

Ghosts n Goblins: One of the hardest NES games that isn't just cheating. Its a great game, but an abusive one. If you don't mind being the wife of its Lifetime Movie of the Week abusive husband, you should check this one out!

Bubble Bobble: Absolute classic arcade game. Fun platforming screen clearing game. If you don't like it you don't have a soul.

River City Ransom: Its a beat em up mixed with an RPG! Quite fun!

Dig Dug: Another arcade legend. Another MUST PLAY.

Mega Man 1, 2, and 3: If you like hard action platformers, Mega Man has your back.

Castlevania 3: Its more of what made Castlevania 1 great.

Life Force: Like Gradius, only BETTER IN EVERY WAY. If you like SHMUPs you play now!

Super Dodge Ball: A fun sports game with a graphic style similar to River City Ransom.

Sim City: The classic city building management simulation game. Great game!

Super Castlevania 4: Its more Castlevania only BETTER. Buy it!

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past: More Zelda!

Contra 3: Its more great Contra action. Seriously!

Super Mario World: More classic Mario fun.

Super Ghouls n Ghosts: Its Ghosts n Goblins' sequel. Only prettier. It still claims it only hits you cuz you cry though.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4: A classic conquer and rule your land management/wargame set in ancient China. Its deep and smart and probably not for stupid people. But soo addicting.

Actraiser: The classic god game plus platformer. Its one of those games few played, but those of us who did LOVED it. And so will you. Music rocks too.

Super Metroid: One of the finest action adventure games ever made. If you don't like this game? YOU DON'T LIKE VIDEO GAMES. And also if you don't like it we gonna fight. And I will win because my cause is just and true. Seriously, its nearly PERFECT.

Breath of Fire 2: A pretty good console styled RPG.

Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers: Street Fighter 2 PERFECTED. Probably the best 1 on 1 fighter ever made in my opinion. Its just so damned good!

Super Mario RPG: Squaresoft and Nintendo combine forces to make a fun RPG starring Mario!

Secret of Mana: Classic 1-3 player action RPG.

Ogre Battle: Classic strategy RPG.

Super Punch Out: More Punch Out, this time in 16 bit.

Uncharted Waters New Horizons: Its a pirate management game mixed with an RPG. Rule your pirate fleet and sail the seven seas!

Nobunaga's Ambition: Its like Romance of the Three Kingdoms but you get to conquer Japan instead.

Super Turrican 1, 2: Old school kick you in the teeth Euro styled action platformer.

Nintendo 64:
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: The first 3d Zelda and its mighty damned good.

Paper Mario: Its a spiritual sequel to the original Super Mario RPG only in a new graphic style and a few other changes. Its also AMAZING.

Sin & Punishment: A cool formerly Japan only action game I really want to play. Similar to other on rails shooters like GI Joe Arcade, Panzer Dragoon, and Starfox.

Pokemon Puzzle League: Its Tetris Attacks only prettier, with more features, and sadly, the Pokemans. Classic puzzle game fun.

Sega Genesis:
Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle: Its a pretty deep platform game. Not as good as Mario by any means, but pretty darned fun!

Wonder Boy in Monster World: Awesome action adventure game. Too bad I can't beat the thing!

Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3: Beat em ups done right. Cool dark urban setting, fun play control. Recommended!

Shining Force: Gorgeous and fun Strategy RPG. One of the first of this style of game released for consoles back in the day.

Shining in the Darkness: Fun Wizardry styled first person dungeon crawl RPG.

Shinobi 3: Great platforming action. Even if Shadow Dancer and Revenge of Shinobi are better, its still really fun.

Ghouls n Ghosts: The BEST of the GnG family. It only slaps you when you serve a cold dinner as opposed to punching you. Oh Lifetime, what man in your movies isn't a complete waste of life?

Landstalker: Fun and funny isometric action adventure game. A forgotten classic!

Rolling Thunder 2: The sequel to an arcade platforming action legend. Its like Shinobi, except trade in your ninjas for cool spies.

Phantasy Star 2: One of my most beloved console RPGs of all time. Its hard though, so have a FAQ handy.

Splatterhouse 2: More gory platforming fun from the makers of the original. Except its HAAAAAARD. Ghosts n Goblins hard. Try before you buy really.

Shining Force 2: Its more Shining Force goodness. Only its good-er.

Phantasy Star 4: THE best Sega Genesis RPG and one of the best 16 bit RPGS. PERIOD.

Turbografx 16:
Bomberman 93: Great multiplayer battle game with a decent solo player action puzzle game.

Alien Crush: Console Pinball game doing stuff no real pinball table could do. Way fun!

Military Madness: Awesome hex based wargame. Like Advance Wars. Not as good, but still great.

Dungeon Explorer: 1-5 player Gauntlet with more RPG elements and less SHOVE MORE QUARTERS IN ME abusiveness.

Splatterhouse: One of my favorite platform games. Big sprites, lots of gore, tight play control. One of the earliest horror games really. Well, earliest GOOD horror game.

Dragon's Curse: Great action adventure where you get through obstacles by turning into different cute cartoony monsters. Its like the Genesis Wonder Boy game I mentioned above.

Bonk's Revenge: Awesome platform game in the Mario/Sonic mascot tradition. Except here you are an adorable caveman who hits things with his big noggin.

Battle Lode Runner: An action puzzle game with a multiplayer battle mode.

Ninja Spirit: Ninja action platformer. Sort of like Ninja Gaiden only it doesn't hate you.

Devil's Crush: Like a refined Alien Crush except your pinball goes from Gigeresque monsters to demons and various hellspawned thingies.

Galaga 90: A revised sequel to Galaga. If you need more Galaga fun, and more variety to your SHMUPPING, you can't go wrong.

Neutopia 1 and 2: TG 16 Zelda Clones. Can't really go wrong with a Zelda clone! I still need to buy these.

Gate of Thunder: Amazing side scrolling SHMUP that pushes the TG 16 to its limits.

Lords of Thunder: Like Gate of Thunder, but you trade your spaceship for a flying knight.

Ys Book 1 and 2: Legendary action RPG. Its a little wierd compared to modern action RPGs but take the time to learn its quirks and you WILL enjoy yourself.

Bomberman 94: Another one I need. Its more Bomberman. You cannot go wrong with Bomberman. I certainly own enough games from the franchise to prove it.

Neo Geo:
Fatal Fury 2: A game nearly as good as Super Street Fighter 2. A great fighter.

Samurai Shodown 2: More great fighting action in the Street Fighter tradition. Cept you get swords and stuff.

Metal Slug 2: A cartoony take on Contra. Mighty fun!

Art of Fighting 2: Another solid fighting game. But that could be because King is awesome. I think it says something disturbing about my taste in women though..

Commodore 64:
Pitstop 2: A classic head to head racer with strategy. Its like Pole Position with more depth. The pit sequences make this game rise to the 8 bit racing top.

Whew! Done. Now there are other worthy games such as Sonic, Columns, Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and others, but the ones above are ones I either really want, or I consider worth anybody's time to check out.

Have fun!

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