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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another New Project I Won't Actually Finish: Operation Game Collection

What is this magical project that will get a flurry of posting and eventually end with a wet fart?

Well its one I have had for many moons. Its a general summary of what games I own, how often I play them, how much I want to play them, what I have for the game, and what I still want to buy for it.

I will try at least once a week, if not more to cover one RPG, one Minis game, and one card/board/CCG title. I have so many games I could go on for months doing it. I will probably just do 10 or so installments, maybe more. I shall let the whims of fate and nerd ADD determine how far I go with it.

I will talk a little about the game, my thoughts on the game, and why or why not I plan on wasting more money I probably shouldn't on the game.

To help speed things along, there will be a category list, with 3 values, Low, Medium, and High. (Plus the odd N/A where needed. Like N/A for category 1 means I have never actually played it.)

The categories:

1: Amount I play it.
Low would mean less than once every 6 months, Medium at least once every 3-6 months, High at least once every other month. One can't decide what to do with a game if one doesn't keep stock of how much it gets played.

2: Desire to play it.
Low means maybe once every 6 months or so, Medium every 3-6 months, High at least every other month. Just because you get to own a game doesn't mean you get to play it as much as you want.

3: Popularity in my area.
Low means I seem to be the only person who likes the game in my region. Medium means there are a few known scattered groups, High means almost every local group knows it and plays it. Sadly most of my games are in the Low or Medium category.

4: Amount I own.
Low means under 100 dollars retail of stuff. Medium means from 100-300 dollars. High is anything over 300 big ones. Keeping track of what you have is another thing to consider. Given the other 3 above categories it brings to light how much you might want to keep buying.

5: Stuff I may still want to buy.
Low means under 100 dollars. Medium 100-300. High is over 300. Am I set on the game? Do I have such an inane love I want MOOOORE? Am I basically done with that game system as far as wasting money on it?

6: In Print?
This is either Yes or No. But by "In Print" I mean is the edition I own and play the one in print? In many cases I am happy with a previous edition and see no need to upgrade. In others one either has to upgrade or it happens so seamlessly as to really not matter. (Like Magic the Gathering. I may be still using 4-15 year old cards by this point, but I am still playing under the current ruleset. Some games like that and Warhammer 40K basically just tweak the rules anyhow.)

If multiple editions of a game system are so different as to be entirely different games and I play them, I will bring that up as well.

Sadly I do not have the readership of Jamie Mal, the adorable Leigh Alexander, or that crazy SOB from Uruguay but I would like to see comments on these updates. Add in your own ratings to the above to the games I do that you have. Or take my project and do it yourself on your own blog.

We may all learn something. Even the gaming companies.

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