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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Space Hulk Mission 1-1 Comic Report

Noble servants of the Emperor, heretics, mutants, and deviant Xeno scum:

With information coming out about about new derelicts intruding upon our most glorious Imperium, it has caused at least one chapter to go out in search of these Hulks to cleanse them of the mutant, the heretic, the unclean.

This report should be inspiration enough to ensure all loyal servants of the Emperor do their duty and join in our most holy crusade of righteousness:






Now do you doubt?

For the true servant of the Emperor there IS no doubt.

(Dammit.. didn't notice the frakked up text box on page 5. Oh well.. its late. Its not that bad.)

OOC: In case you haven't heard Games Workshop has announced the return of Space Hulk, with a 3rd edition boxed set due for a limited release time only on September 5th. For 99 dollars. It looks to be based more off of 1st edition Space Hulk, bringing back the sand timer, and including some AMAZING sculpts in the box. Which weighs 4 kilograms or so. Nearly 8 pounds in box. 20+ Genestealers including a Broodlord, 12 Space Marine Terminators including a Librarian, Thunder Hammer, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, and Lightning Claw equipped troopers. It looks amazing and I couldn't help but order it. Which made me pull out my unplayed copy of 2nd edition. A little wash to finish up some Genestealers, and it was time to play!

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