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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arcane Legions Battle Report 1!

I got to play MagicDrew last week as our other regular was MIA again. (Well we knew where he was, but you get the drift!)

Thus here is the first of my actual Arcane Legions Battle Reports. Uploaded and created on a windy, rainy, freezing Saturday night where I have a cold. On one hand I could go to work and become sicker, but get money. On the other, not get sicker and be in better condition in the long run.

Oh well, I really didn't want Rock Band 1 with instruments and Rock Band 2 game for 79 with free shipping THAT badly anyhow. I guess.

What am I saying? I am a horribly spending addicted consumer! OF COURSE I WANT IT!







And wow. Almost a whole week left of October and I have given yall 6 updates instead of just my personal minimum of 4. I am positively SPOILING yall this month!

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