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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Grim Darkness of Collectible Games, Bad Paint Customs, and Nerdiness..

For those not in the know, that is a Mechwarrior Dark Age Spirit Cat Koshi mildly repainted to look like an RX 78 Gundam.  Its just missing the funny head antenna V thing, and a second coat of blue paint to cover the bits the yellow paint overstepped its boundaries.

Hmm.. maybe I should paint up a Steel Wolf mech to be Char Aznable's ride?  Its not like Mechwarrior Dark Age miniatures are WORTH anything.  The game had the usual Wizkids problems (Collectible, a major rules revision that tried to make all previous models useless, the normal "take damage to do anything" Clix gameplay), exacerbated by a major timeframe jump from Battletech (at the time around a 60 year difference) designs that sometimes barely even LOOKED like Battletech mecha and we just have a recipe for disaster.

(There are reports the tourney scene hurt the game badly too.  The same people who won't play unless a game is in print and has competitions and prize support apparently hammered the game into the ground.  No surprise there, especially if the Heroclix tourney crowd was any indication.  Want to not have any fun even when you WIN?  Play in some collectible game tournaments!)

A shame as the models are overall really nice for prepaints, possibly the best overall till AT 43 came on the scene.  They even had a set of rules to use the Dark Age line as models for Battletech but angry Battletech players who take things far too seriously (a major subset of the playerbase sadly) pretty much made that a no go.  A shame since I have gobs of them, especially for the Spirit Cats faction.

My Spirit Cat collection.  I would have more, but ragey Battletech fans mean no need to buy minis I won't have much use for.  Still, its an impressive little force.  

I should probably download the final version of the ruleset and see about tweaking it to remove the major bits of Clix system suck.  Might make for a nice quickie mech game to play.  They might make a good use for a homebrew Scifi game or with one of the generic Scifi minis games too.  (FAD, Future War Commander, Dirtside 2)

And speaking of nice miniatures whose games going through an edition effectively kill the game:

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