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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review Corner: A review of the Halo Boardgame

I gave this thing a 4 page comic and frankly its such a disaster it doesn't deserve even that!  Thankfully I only spent 11 dollars for it and just wanted the terrain.

As always, click on the picture if you want a bigger version.

Here we go:

One rule I forgot to mention in the review is that in close combat only, defenders win ties which makes the game design even worse.  Halo the boardgame is the game where nobody wants to move because moving is bad unless its to grab a weapon or item, and there is a small chance of being killed if you pick up a non weapon item card.

In my reviews I keep to the Good-Ok-Bad as a scoring system, but this game deserves a far worse score.  Its minis suck, its rules blow chunks, its DVD actually makes a bad game worse, and its MSRP is a ripoff at 40 dollars US.

What's sad is that with a couple rules tweaks the game would have been an ok introductory miniatures game.  If they hadn't bothered with the DVD and used the money for improved sculpts on the minis it  could have been a good counterpart to Heroscape at your local department store.

But, its not.  The company clearly didn't playtest the game or care about it at all.  Its just trying to make a quick profit off of the license and it shows.  Of course the company's other listed games seem to mostly be quick media tie ins so quality gameplay shouldn't be expected.

A pity.

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