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Thursday, July 15, 2010

[Connecticon 2010 Week] CTCon Week Part 4: Cosplayers

Yep.  Today we cover the Cosplayers, which is weeaboo speak for Costume Players.  Aka "People dressing up in stuff".

Some folks do it for the attention.  Others because they love whatever character they are dressing up as.  Some because its a damn challenge of sewing and creativity to get a good rendition of a movie, tv show, videogame, or cartoon character.

Sadly due to a Hard Drive crash all my Connection 09 Cosplay pictures are gone, but we at least have this year's to show you.

Now as to the pictures I took?

I had various requirements.  Have a cool outfit was a big one.  Be available for a picture at the time I noticed and wanted to take it.  (I don't like bothering people and some really cool ones I saw but not when it was convenient to take the shot for either of us.)  Not be something stupid I don't like.

As we will see my pictures weren't just to get shots of cute women in sexy outfits.   There was some assclown in the Artist Colony pretty much who seemed to have his stall open as a place to grab pictures of young women in scantily clad outfits in the skeeviest poses he could convince them to do.

I hope his camera broke.  Pervert.

Anyhow, on to the pictures.

(And as an aside to ALL my Connecticon 2010 posts:  If you are in any of the pictures over any of these articles and do not want your face used, please feel free to contact me and have some reasonable proof it is you, and I will edit the picture and blur your face out.  While I am being a bit punchy in these installments it is NOT my intention to cause any undue discomfort or negative attention towards you unless you were being a tool and thus deserve my ire.  And even then you don't deserve to have your face displayed on my blog with mocking commentary.)

(Here we have a group of "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" cosplayers and somebody from "Death Note" doing the opening credits dance from said show with Melancholy.)

(These are some really awesome Ghostbusters at a booth promoting an active Ghostbusters club in the region, similar to what the 501st does for Star Wars.  I didn't feel like bugging them for a cool shot, and honestly the detail on their backpacks needs to be seen anyhow.)

(This dude had a KICK ASS Riddler from Batman.  Cool guy too!  He beat me at the Pirate Munchkin game.  And I was so close to winning too.  Well played Mr. Nigma.  Well played.)

(This nice lady was cosplaying as Quistis from Final Fantasy 8.  Alongside Selphie, she is cosplaying one of the two things about that game that almost made that utter abortion of a JRPG bearable.  What it says about me that the schoolteacher with a whip and the nunchaku wielding girl in a "Gogo" 60s style outfit are the only things I liked about said game perhaps should be left unsaid...)

(While sort of blurry and I humbly apologize for failures as a photographer with a 7.1 megapixel camera you can now get in a box of Cracker Jacks, these guys were pretty cool.  Cosplaying as classic green Army Men toys?  THAT RULES.)

(That is an awesome Beetlejuice in the center.  The undead Samurai to the right is a pretty unique idea.  Sadly, we have a furry in the picture.  Oh well.  I didn't want to be a jerk and tell him to get his freaky butt out of my picture.  For as we all know the Furry deserves but one fate.  The fate our most holy God Emperor on Terra decrees for the Mutant, the Heretic, and the Unclean.  The fate meted out by holy Bolter and blessed Chainsword...)

(This fine lookin lass is probably playing someone from an anime or console game, but to me it looks like Alice from "American Mc'Gee's Alice", which has Alice of Wonderland fame wrecking face and going on a most righteous killing spree.  Either way we have someone covered in blood with a cool look and a bloody machete.  AWESOME.)

(This gang looked great!  Apparently they are bad guys from the Kingdom Hearts series known as the Heartless.  They went for a groovy "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" group pose that is really neat.  The costume work looks good, and I SO respect people willing to wear such warm outfits in the middle of a high 80s-low 90s Connecticut heat wave.  I was sweating merely wearing a backpack.  I can only imagine what they were going through!)

(Remember kids, ALWAYS BET ON DUKE to... never actually come out with a sequel to the 1996 DOS hit.  I'm not quite sure where the unicycle comes into play though.)

(Here we have one of the many 10th Doctor "Doctor Who" cosplayers, this sadly being the only one I got a shot of.  But he even has the Sonic Screwdriver and the 3d glasses Tennant used in one episode.  Must be that wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff in action.  There were even a few 11 Doctors out too.   I apologize for not getting more of yall playing the LAST TIMELORD in picture form.)

(Here we have this cool to talk to lass playing what I think is Chii from some CLAMP show about walking girl robots whose power switch is in their groinal area.  I don't like CLAMP stuff so I dunno for sure.  But her costume ROCKS and she was a cool person and thus she joins the picture crew.)

(Its Rogue from the X Men, and one of the older outfits everyone's favorite mutant southern belle wore, and honestly probably the one I like her in the most.  So our subject has class and comics knowledge.  Well done and kudos!)

(A cast of Sailor Moon cosplayers.  I think they are doing their outfits from a later season.  I am not sure but I stopped watching since there comes a point in any nerd's life when one wonders why one is watching a show about high school girls fighting evil in short skirts and one should probably not be watching such a show.  That being said its cool because there is a lot of work that must have went into their outfits and its a mid 90s show.  Not as old school as say Macross or Space Cruiser Yamato, but its nice to see folks dressing up as something they clearly care about instead of the latest flavor of the week.)

(Its Hit Girl from KICK ASS, one of the cooler movies I have seen this year, though by all reports the comic it is based on is a joyless miserable mess as is the writer (Mark Millar) is wont to write.  Hit Girl was hilarious in the movie, and its a neat choice.  Rock!)

(ITS GIANT HELLO KITTY!  This cosplayer was pretty much in character both days I saw them.  Why am I fistbumping the HK?  Well see there are many doofuses at these nerd cons carrying signs saying "FREE HUGS" as a form of attention whoring/excuse to feel people up in a legal manner.  I think this is stupid even though I could probably use a good hug from time to time.  Well, I choose to change the game and hope anyone out there reading this does the same.  Let us end the FREE HUG and turn it into FISTBUUUUUMP!  If nothing else it will confuse the beejesus out of these hug people when you fistbump them in a sign of Nerd Brotherhood.  LETS DO THIS SHEET!)

And since there are all these fine folks who took a minute or so out of their fun day of probably sweating like a pig in the outfit they spent dozens of hours putting together AND being willing to get pictured and possibly lusted over/mocked on the Internet by people of cruel or deviant dispostions I shall post myself as I was 18 years ago cosplaying as a member of the Navy:


Oh wait.  I really was in the Navy.  Even though I look freaking TWELVE in that picture.  This is what not having the sorts of underaged drinking and smoking "fun" people with happier albeit unhealthier high school experiences does to ya.  Clean (ish) living does have a use after all.  

Someone go back in time and tell me to run from my nerdy existence while I still can ok?  I guess I did get some horrible stories of people and some valuable life and work experience out of it all..

Thanks for reading and anyone who happens to be in the pictures feel free to say hi!

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Reinwood99 said...

Great post from the Con. It gave me a good chuckle. And don't feel bad about the navy photo; I look the same in my photo...12 years old.


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