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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Internet Famous. Sorta.


For those of you who have been reading me for a while, you might have remembered my little quickie tribute and overview of the Ultima series I did back in 09:  http://wargamedork.blogspot.com/2009/08/little-bit-about-ultima-electronic-rpg.html

Well Noah A. of The Spoony Experiment fame used my little Shrine to Ultima picture in his video about the series.  http://spoonyexperiment.com/2010/07/04/ultima-0-akalabeth/#comments .

Watch at the 54 second mark or so, and again later on.

I am sadly not credited, but hopefully my friendly email asking for this to be rectified will correct it.

I do enjoy the guy's stuff, especially since his rather amusing "Gamers Rant on Movies" column in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine was really funny even when I totally disagreed with everything he said about a given movie.

(I will post an update here in the next week or so when its corrected.   AND IT WAS.  In under 12 hours or so no less.  So if any Spoony Experiment people have shown up hiyas!  Someone in the IRC channel I frequent (#tinypewtermen on irc.synirc.net) said he knew him back in their high school days and that he was good people.  He was right.  So thank you kindly good sir!)

It was probably found from my posting of it in the RPGCodex Ultima Let's Play thread that is credited.

I love me some Ultima, and even if RPGCodex is full of people so cranky about electronic RPGs I sometimes think its a form of performance art, its STILL one of the few non weeaboo eRPG forums on the web.  So it got posted there, also as a form of nerd cred so the Codexians can't just discount my DARING to enjoy Fallout 3 on its own merits as me being some "contard" as they call it.

Hell, I am playing Eye of the Beholder on an ACTUAL DOS PC.  My first DOS PC no less.

I'll be doing a little talking about playing old PC games pretty soon.   If it stops being 100 degrees outside anyhow.  I have more Warlords 2 and Commander Keen to play!

But also consider this post a welcome for any Spoony Experiment readers who come to take a looksee at my blog!

I mostly talk about tabletop RPGs and wargames but do stray into the electronic side of things from time to time.  I enjoy talking and discussing stuff with folks so feel free to go back and read my backlog, though it really doesn't start being more than just boring trip reports till around June 08 or so.

Important edit as of 22 Jun 12:
Given the recent misogynistic comments and hateful Twitter posts from Spoony, I would like to say that I do not in any, way, shape, or form endorse his recent actions and behavior.

You DO NOT talk that way to people, especially to women in that manner.  Rape and misogyny is sadly an all too real problem and sadly seems to almost always have been.  To joke about it in such a way is really unacceptable, especially when others in fact say they find it as such.

In general I would recommend NOT going to Spoony Experiment or watching anything he creates.  It is clear he has some demons to work out right now and nobody should be encouraging him or harassing him at the moment.  He should be getting help and learning what things he did that were wrong so he can improve as a person.

We ALL can learn from mistakes and be better.  I hope sometime in the future to come back to this post and say this is true and he has fixed himself up.
End edit.

New Edit 12 Apr 13:
From what I understand the fellow above HAS gotten himself straightened out quite a bit and I hope he continues this.

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