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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sick as a Dog. But Here is a Little Something to Tide Yall Over. A Toy Review and Comic

Massive Cold/Flu so bad one day I could barely stand for more than a few minutes at a time.  Has evolved to include my first ever case of Pink Eye.  Doing or continuing gaming projects has not been on the cards.

However I got a pair of exclusive toys at MSRP on Ebay today and am starting to feel well enough I had a minor bit of inspiration, so here is a quick 1 page comic and a super fast review of the products shown.

("Who... knows what next cycle brings?  In a multiverse, few sparks survive.  All I know.. is the way I feel, and its real, I keep it online...")

Yes I grew up in the 80s.  Any of you from a similar time frame will get the reference.  You have no idea how tricky it was to get that pose to work.

Quick review of the toys:
Cybertron Mode Ratchet: Nice Robot mode, decent transformation, unique if not really good looking vehicle mode.  Could use a little paint.  One of my favorite Transformers characters PERIOD.  Rating:  Good Robot, OK Vehicle.

Arcee: Her vehicle mode looks great outside of her hands pretty much being totally visible on the back top of the car.  Transformation was smooth as silk and quite pleasing.  Fast but effective.  Sadly she needs quite a bit of extra paint to look her best.  So far the best officially named Arcee Transformer, and even taking the 2 current Fan Company type products into the mix she sort of kicks their hind ends overall too.  (Being 10-15 dollars as opposed to 70-100.  And a lovely dark purple and not bright pastel pink.)  Good Robot Mode, Good Vehicle.

Both toys could have used a few more paint applications and both of them have a fairly decent amount of articulation.  One issue is they both have weapons and accessories that only somewhat stay on.  Arcee has wing spoilers and Ratchet has a pair of rear end vehicle mode bumpers that become chest type CLEAR BBZZT paddles you can put on his fists.  Both sets of accessories don't fall off at the slightest touch, but both aren't on there to the point they can't pop off with some casual fiddling.  Arcee also has a nice pair of clear blue swords that really hold into place in both her open hands and in their holsters.  (Which is something a 50 dollar Bandai Zeta Gundam Toy can't do with its weapons.  Yeah.)

Keep these issues in mind.  They are good toys, but not perfect.  A little customizing paint work and the odd nail polish joint tightening for their accessory mounts is in order if you want things to be the best.  I may do the joint bit for Ratchet's hips so I can possibly do an even more improved version of the picture above.  They are sort of kind of a couple on the show and it looks cute.


If you can find them for their 10-15 MSRP and not the 25-40 some ebay scalpers throw Arcee up for (I got mine for 28 and shipping as a pair on Ebay.) I say get them both.

And watch Transformers Animated!  Its the second best Transformers show after Beast Wars.  And the Allspark Almanac books are the greatest love letter to Nerds who also love Transformers ever written!

Hopefully by next week I will be back up to spec and can produce some good gaming content once more.

Feh.  One would think all that proper hygiene and nutrition would keep such bad flu type things from happening..

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