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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Castle Ravenloft First Look!

As always, click the pictures for larger if you need it!

Let's hope WOTC will replace that page.  I can BS my way through the tile issue with a little random die rolling (when the broken tile/counter comes up, roll a d20.  On a 1-6 this is the tile used.  On a 7-20, its the NEXT tile.  This means you only sort of know when it comes up as there is only a 30% chance of that tile being used when it comes up in the stack.) but let's face it.  For a 65 dollar game I bought at MSRP, it shouldn't have happened at all!

(Or for an even simpler solution to the tile issue:  Put a slip of paper covering the counter/tile stack and take the top one off.  I will know for sure when I read the rules for tonight, but it looks like you draw the top tile/counter and reveal/play it immediately.  This would solve things easy.  But again.  Shouldn't have to.)

Wish me luck at getting it replaced!

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