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Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Let's Play] Fun in Mystara! Let's play Order of the Griffon Part 24: Bend it Like Bauer.

Today I finish this project on time, on schedule with only a single week where I failed to keep it (not counting the hurricane week, which I caught up with, getting both installments out ASAP).

It is complete.  Yay me.  Boo game designers for slacking it.


Joshua Jaeger said...

I've played through this game twice before, and while, yes, I will admit the ending is a bit of a let down (One screen "The End"? Arg!) I found it to be a memorable RPG in the D&D universe and a welcome console version/spin off of all the great gold box AD&D games we played before. I'd give it a 8/10 and will be back to play through it once again!

Captain Rufus said...

Thanks for reading! It seems you enjoyed the game a lot more than I did. I want to enjoy it more but.. its not a finished game. Much like Westwood's Battletech game really.


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