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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[D&D 4e Castlevania Campaign] The Myth Cycle Part 1

For every fantasy world with magic and divine powers, one ought to have a basic mythic history of the world.  Its nice to have a little background for these things.  For my Fantasy Earth this is mine:


In the creation of our universe 3 sisters were born of the Primal Father.  Locked in battle with the destroyer of the last, the Chaos Bringer, the One, they died.  Their deaths recreated the universe and the Primal birthed three children to make the new creation better than the last.  Yet the One had his way as well and spawned 4 brothers.

Our universe was truly created as the 3 battled the 4, eventually sending the Son of War, the Son of Death, the Son of Intrigue, and the Son of Decadence into another dimension, their punishment being to power and warm reality.

Upon having a source of power to create and bring forth life to this new universe the first sister, Celes, made countless suns to warm and bring light everywhere.

The second, Terra, made planets of earth, where her sister's suns would help things grow and life to bloom.

The third, Luna, brought moons to track time and to keep forces on planets in check, and to bring night so that there would be periods of rest.

Then, they slept while the worlds came to life, the beating of their hearts and the breaths of their mouths setting a pace to reality.

When the 3 awoke, they found countless planets bringing forth life.  It was then they brought forth their own children to help watch and protect them.

It was then that the 4 made their move...

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