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Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Let's Play] Party Like its 1987! Let's Experience the Atari Computer! Part 2: Video Ouput Solutions

Well we are back with our second installment, this time with some options for video.  As I say in the comic installment, photos were taken of a 13" 80s monitor and a modern 32" HDTV.  Results are close to in person but not 100%.  But its the best I can do and it is really the only way to show the differences in output.

An emulator certainly wouldn't and I doubt a capture card would either.  Plus my modern computers and the Atari are at least 15' away and it would be unfeasible to run cables anyhow. 

(Remember this fact as it WILL come up in this project later on.  Certain hardware solutions elude me because of this.  I simply do not have the workspace to run the Atari next to the PC or the Mac unless I wanted one of my modern computers to go where the Atari is, which then means moving a screen to the floor any time I want to watch TV on a TV.  Or play modern consoles.  Its easy enough to move the monitor you will soon see but its small and wee.  Putting an imac on the floor not so much!)

Another couple options we could have tried:
(As both of these will become increasingly irrelevant over the next few years I am merely mentioning them for completeness sake though I may go back and try them out later for laughs.)

1: Video out through a DVD or VCR.  Best Electronics recommends this one.  Its adding yet another stupid thing to be powered on and plugged in.  I can't be bothered.  And my DVD player is my PS3 with all its HDMI goodness.

2: RF or S Video through an SDTV.  S Video and an SDTV would probably be ideal but my SDTV with S Video is halfway down a flight of stairs in a hall with no power source.  And it weighs a good 100 pounds or so as its a console type and 25".  My 19" SDTV only has RF and it is in an awkward place for anything outside of a Gamecube stacked on top of a DVD and a VHS player in some unholy Tower of Hanoi configuration.  (Its like the Lament Configuration but with Mario.  "I've-a got so much to show you-a!  Except for Earthbound!  We-a don't talk about that game.  Don't worry, we can play "Imagine Babiez!"

And to wash that image out with another one, here is a bit of extra info on our aged and yellowed keyboard:

I am working on a solution to the yellowing too.  It just depends on finding a UV Lamp, a lot of Hydrogen Peroxide, and a safe container to use both in.  Have you played with toxic liquids today?

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