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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Let's Play] Party Like its 1987! Let's Experience the Atari Computer!

This is gonna be a multimedia, multiformat thing that goes beyond any mere Let's Play. 


A mixture of blog, images in the comic format I am genuinely GOOD (ish) at, and sometimes video from an emulator just to show things at their clearest.

Some games will get played to completion.  Others will merely be a couple quick minutes or a few comic pages in coverage.  My thoughts on these games and ponderings on both collecting and playing them will happen in a loose review style as unburdened by either nostalgia or modern gaming biases as I can manage.  ( I never grew up with this brand of computers so that helps make it fair.  I was a Commodore man.  Which was the best 8 bit computer to own.)

I am sharing this experience because its fun to talk and interact with folks and create something.  I may even learn tricks to improve my video or writing as we delve deeper and deeper.  I may end up spending entirely too much money (oh wait already happened).  I may end up turning a few of you into retro Atari gamers.

Let's get this going and I hope everyone enjoys my descent into 1980s computers!

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