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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pathfinder Beginner Box Campaign Comic Report Part 3

Its up a bit late and its a bit short but here was our last Pathfinder game report.  3 new players AND one of our other players stopped by while not feeling well to sell me some cool ancient games for an amazing price.  (Combots, and 4 Zip Loc games.)

Yes we basically just got through with one short session.  But 3 new players, 2 never having played any tabletop RPG before got in today.  That's cool.  I now have 9 players which I will probably call the maximum I would use in any one session.  (If we were running Swords & Wizardry or X Plorers maybe more as characters are super light in stats and the rules are about the same, sans my optional X Plorer stuff.  But 2 people already have bought the MASSIVE core book and I keep debating doing the same.  It wouldn't be right to mess with folks' investment.  I play it rules light and only vaguely seem to follow the rules anyhow though.  We will endure.  Besides, the odds of everyone making it even as a biweekly game is usually pretty low.  I'll just balance for 6 players instead of 4 and tweak as needed on the fly.)

Its a very RP lite game so far.  Some PCs don't even have names.  Folks show up, I give a quick recap, they explore the dungeon.  If they want a more guided game once they leave this dungeon I will keep building as such but if they want a more sandbox one I will set that up too.

I might run the game, but without players its just ideas in my brain.  Part of the joys of tabletop RPGs is you can change rules to suit your groups' whims and needs.   You get to hang out and have fun with lots of people, some you might have never met otherwise.  You all get to build a story where luck and creativity reign supreme. 

What's not to like?

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