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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pathfinder Beginner Box Campaign Comic Report Part 4

I meant to have this up last night to have my 4 posts a month minimum quota up but that didn't happen because I am a bad person with bad time management.  However its up now in its massive glory.

I even tried adding in some "funny" comments.  Hopefully my troupe of NINE players doesn't mind me putting words in their PC's mouths.

While I DO still feel bad the one new player left and really didn't give us a chance, I am obviously not going to change the entire style of the game around for him, especially when in general people seem to quite enjoy my game.  Sure its a loud rambunctious madhouse of 5-9 players all talking loudly and saying terrible things and my loud voice having to be louder to keep the chaos down to a dull roar as opposed to the Pit at a GWAR concert, (Though given some of our players they could probably out O_o GWAR if they wanted.  I keep them a lot below that.  They can go to a Cannibal Corpse show on their own!) but its FUN LIKE THAT.  Some of our players have never really played RPGs before and have told me they enjoy the monster bashing and the exploration as opposed to lots of in character discussion and such.

I really can't take that away from them for one new person who didn't really let me know what sort of game he liked.  He just claimed he had to leave about 2 hours in and basically seemed uninterested in our schedule, or any of the other games in the store I talked up.  (Like FASA Star Trek, Changeling, a GURPS Paranormal thing.  All of those games have a lot more RP in them.  My game is more a cinematic action adventure, heavily pickup based.)

I'm hoping he might come back and give us another shot but.. I won't hold my breath.  And honestly with NINE players we are probably bigger than we should be anyhow.  But folks can't always make every week which keeps things a bit saner but only barely.

Its a complete BLAST though.  And I have already declared we should play Paranoia sometime.  This group would provide so much fun for Friend Computer.

(Or what a friend on IRC said: "Kobolds Ate My Baby!".  He is wise for being from Pennsylvania!)

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