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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unboxing: Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster

Back in early June I helped to fund what was the second tabletop game I funded on Kickstarter which I am sure by now everyone knows is a mixture of super preorder program and project investment.

This second game is also the first project to actually give me something physical, albeit about a month late.

(The other tabletop project I funded was Ogre which went from due in November to.. DUE IN MAY BITE ME BITE ME BITE ME.)

Well now that I have Sedition Wars, let's take a quick look what I got.

But first, their Kickstarter page:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/sedition-wars-battle-for-alabaster

Now some of the extras I ordered won't be here till March or so and thus this is just what the first wave release is.

I picked up the "Biohazard" pack plus a good 50 dollars of later extras which as that link shows are in no way inspired by famous and semi famous Science Fiction films, Video Games, and TV shows of recent memory.  Nope.  Dunno what you are talking about...

Anyhow.. what did I get from the Post Office on my front porch where I only happened to look for laughs?

Well this massive box full of packing noodles had the 2 boxes included in my order.  Or something.

The top box was a smallish cardboard box containing nice bonus cards, my extra minis, the fancy dice, and a signed mini poster by Mike McVey himself .  That had a bend in the corner.  Also that silly little patch.  Hooray I guess?  The cards and miniatures other than the single under the dice are just repeats of the common units from the main game. 

 The game box itself is pretty big though.  A bit over 3" deep and 14" by 14".  Pretty huge.

 And 2 of the sides show some of the miniatures painted amazingly by Studio McVey.

Back of the box showing all the goodies you get in the box, retail or Kickstarter.

The manual.  A good 57 full color pages.

Its big and pretty.  11 1/4" tall and each page is 8 1/4" wide.  Its a big imposing book.

 There is this big tray with a canyon in the middle which contains all the game pieces in a giant zip baggie.

 We have standard pip D6 dice and the normal game cards.

 All the minis and goodies in the "canyon" and on top of the box walls which are empty inside.  I guess it could be thrown away?  Sort of a waste of space IMHO.  At least they could have made some cardboard trays or vacuform...

 The boards are semi geomorphic, full color, double sided cardboard of ok quality (a couple of mine have minor bends at the corners) that take up all of the interior dimensions of the box.  They are big.

 And two single sided full color counter sheets.

I am not entirely sure I feel like I got 100 bucks' worth out of it.. more like.. 75 or so maybe?  Once I build and clean up the minis I will be back with another post talking about them.  I need em for my Gamma World campaign anyhow.

Join me next time when we see exactly what the main box miniatures look like all sorted into their components!

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