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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unboxing: Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster Part 2: Miniatures

So many miniatures.  So many tiny little pieces for me to clean up and glue together.
And this is just what comes in the main box, not the extras and all from the Kickstarter bonuses!

 Here is most of the small based Strain models.  As we can see they have big ass "gate" marks left on them.  To be fair I thankfully don't see many mold lines though.  The plastic feels similar to the resin styled plastic Privateer Press is using.  Which is why they are superglue models and not model cement.

 Sadly no instructions are in the box, merely the finished photos on the box and in the manual.  When I took this picture I did not realize this was two large models.  I am quite worried about some of the smaller pieces though.  They are just begging to break.

And the rest of the Strain.  And the 2 female monster models again have tiny spiky bits that are begging to break.  Maybe I should have bought the foam tray they had as an option?

 Most of the Human infantry models.  The guns I think are for the male figures with helmets.  I think.  

The rest of our grunts and all the guns for the grunts in general.  4 of the ladies (2 helmet, 2 not) get special weapons as do these two guys.  Everyone else is the rifle.  I guess its like old NHL Hockey and the vets don't have to wear helmets?  

 All the included special Human characters and their drone robot thingie.  Again lots of tiny bits and wee sticky things begging to break.  And again I am not completely sure I have the right parts with the right model because there aren't any included instructions!  They are showing assembly on the web and are talking about making a booklet or PDF showing how they go together but its a big oversight really.

 All the sculpted bases showing your average space floors.  There are holes in the bottom you could core out for peg figures but other than the drone the minis all look like the kind you just stick to the base and hope your glue is strong.  

And a close up of the 7 styles of base.  One sculpt alone for the large, and 6 small types.  For the hardcore painter this will be really nice.  I also like they use more classical style mini bases rather than the Privateer style with the big overhanging lip on the sides.

Outside of the gate marks the miniatures look quite detailed and nice.  I cannot say I entirely look forwards to assembly but I think I will be happy with them.

Join me in a few days when I show some assembled and hopefully primed examples!

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