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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D&D 4th ed Session Report 5: The Alexis Letters Get Tentacle Crabs!

Shorter update this week.  More work hours, lots of stuff to do, Walking Dead Season 2 on Blu Ray on sale.  (Really should ignore Something Awful folks when it comes to TV show opinions.  They never seem to like anything.  Ever.  Even the shows they love they do nothing but overanalyze and gripe about.  Y'ALL GOTS TO HAVE SOME JOY SOMETIMES GUYS!!)

Plus there may be another new project coming from me..  (hints after the update)

See our DM may be taking a siesta after this week.  If I am running a non minis type of lighter RPG (possible) I will not be really doing this sort of comic report.  And thanks to an ebay purchase I now have some better copies of a couple games.  I may.. want to do something like my old Order of the Griffon Let's Play that is both here on my blog AND over at http://lparchive.org/ .  (Though I would prefer folks read it here starting at:  http://wargamedork.blogspot.com/2011/05/lets-play-fun-in-mystara-lets-play.html .

This game isn't it, but it IS a hint:

Appropriate given the Kobold-riffic adventure Alexis is in.

Though to me Kobolds always look like this:

And I mean my main videogame I am playing now also takes place around that region, with our old pal Sneakycheeks:

What stupid idea might I be doing while 4e Alexis takes a siesta?


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