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Sunday, August 25, 2013

D&D 4th ed Session Report 4: The Alexis Letters (Starring Alexis Stewart and MY STUPID FACE.)

Another week, another report!

I had today off so other than a nice walk up to Dunkin Donuts (About a mile each way.) for a delicious iced coffee and their new boss ass Pretzel Rolls whilst listening to more of the amazing "We're Alive" audiodrama ( http://www.zombiepodcast.com/ ) I didn't have much to do so got this update out of the way!

We are now up to EIGHT players.  Five sessions ago (Six if you count Chargen session I probably could have skipped because I have a gaggle of PCs made.  And the mysterious Session Zero which mostly ended in two PCs being dead by the end of the second round of the first combat and thus retconned out..) there were but two players and a DM.  Now we have eight, though only seven present this week.  With D&D 4th this generally makes for slower games, especially as some folks get there later.

But that's ok.  It just makes for shorter session reports sometimes.  Especially when Alexis is running escort duty during the combat.

(We are almost at the point if we have any more regulars we ought to break up into TWO groups and have multi DM like the husband and wife team that runs D&D Encounters does.  Almost.)

And there we go.  My stupid face to be laughed at.  I didn't find a lot of commentary for this installment either really.  Given that it is 4e folks aren't always RP heavy in it.  And my character is mostly known for having a big annoying mouth.  (Totally unlike me, amirite?  :v  :|  :( )

But that is now six total times we have met up, and four total canon game sessions.  Which sort of breaks the usual "YAY NEW CAMPAIGN!  BOO GAME NO GO BEYOND TWO SESSION" nonsense which seems to be normal operating status of most RPG campaigns.

So we should be good for a couple months of adventuring I hope!

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